Could you please help me?

I went to confession and I made an appointment because it was going to take a while. I told the priest it would be a while to confess my sins and he said something like he does not have time and I guess because I made the appointment like 1 hour before the office takes their lunch time. So I told him it doesn’t have to be all today and I could confess whatever I could. And I didn’t finish, I still had more sins to confess so I will confess next time.
However, even though I tried my best and I sincerely wanted to confess all my sins I knew that I wouldn’t be able to and I believe any other priest or even the same one would not have time to hear it all in one sitting, I am struggling with my scrupulosity which my confessor knows about already,and I am going over my head if I made a valid confession. I think I have since I was sincere, I wasn’t trying to hide anything and I would have confessed all of my sins if I had had the time.
The priest I confessed to is my regular confessor and knows about my scrupulosity and about this. I just really need some affirmation please. And I am working on getting better with my scruples so please don’t tell me to just talk to a spiritual director because I have been seeing one for 2 years for my scrupulosity.

This ought to help.

Do whatever he tells you.
If you have to go back next week, go back and listen to him, following his directives to the letter.

Make sure to follow what the Priest instructs and don’t read to much into it. Also, remember that when confessing, you do not need to get very specific. For example a person doesn’t need to list every time they viewed pornography, they can just say “I have been viewing pornography approximately x times a week for the past year.” I know when I went and confessed that I missed Mass 2 times in the past month, the Priest stopped me and asked why and we went from there. It reminded me that if he needs more information, he will ask.

Most importantly, I am glad you are going to confession!

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