Could you please pray for DH's job today?


Please pray for us! Hope you are all doing well. DH’s job has been shaky for the past school year and today the new superintendent has requested a meeting with him and the union rep. The union rep told him it could mean a lay off. many of you know our story- it would likely mean bankruptcy due to our credit card past. we are working hard to pay them off, but without his income, we would have no choice. there are NO teaching jobs in michigan, and we cannot move. we love our home and are close to my parents, who are aging and will need close care in the coming years. Just please pray for us. I’ll update later today when I know more. COme on prayer warriors, put out the call! thanks-twk




You got it!


Praying for you and your husband.


Praying for God to protect your husband from losing his job! Praying right now for you! :gopray:


I will definitely pray!


I will pray that his job is protected.

But please remember, you can do anything with God.






I’m a Michigan teacher, too. I know times are really rough! You’re in my prayers.


*twk–prayed hard for you and your husband today…I hope everything turned out ok? *




Praying for you and your hubby!


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