Could you please tell me how to stop masturbation,. please

You imply that ideas become wrong by the passage of time. That is not true, unless the idea was dependent on a certain date. You did not answer how you know if it is normal human behavior.

I did not mean to imply that ideas become wrong over the passage of time.

With all due respect human beings have evolved to masturbate. I think the onus is on you to proof it is not normal behaviour and come up with something more than it is what someone said in bronze age Palestine. At a time when people did not even know that dinosaurs walked the earth or that the earth went around the sun and probably thought storms and earthquakes where the wrath of some god. They were not enlightened times compared to today

What makes you think we evolved to masturbate? It is not necessary for survival.

Do you know why it evolved? What is your point?

Well I’m sure that the debate which this thread has become is very helpful to the man who originally posted asking for help:p

My brother, don’t be confused. Our man loving God is the one who created our bodies. Je has every right to tell us how to use them and how not to use them.


I am saying that just because we are able to do something, it neither means we evolved to do it or that it should be done. We also evolved the ability to beat each other to death, but that doesn’t mean we should. That is my point. You have not given any evidence that it is a good thing for a human being to do.

Not true - I’m 21 and after I was very young I’ve never even been tempted to do this. I’m completely healthy sexually, and so it’s abundantly clear to me that such behavior, when not an addiction, is merely childish and infantile. Like, what kind of grown man is obsessed with his own **** and thinks this is normal and healthy? Seriously?

I’d like to hear your thoughts on pornography. Everyone I’ve ever met who thinks masturbation is “normal” and “healthy” also uses pornography frequently.

Try the medical profession, doctors, scientists, biologists, in fact anywhere you find a man (including the church and priests) you will find masturbation. Humans evolved and part of that evolution is that we masturbate - male and female.

Don’t masturbate, because you don’t want to but not because someone told you it was bad or morally wrong. Think for yourself

You are saying it is okay just because certain people do it?

This is not the Apologetics Forum. :slapfight: Lets stay on topic. :slight_smile:

Stop implying that people are thinking a certain way because they’ve been “told” its bad. No one ever told me it’s “bad” to masturbate. There’s just something obviously depraved about a man who is so obsessed with his own parts that he needs to stimulate them. Anyone who thinks straight can see this.

If you want the “official” answer, I’ll say that it’s the natural law that tells us its bad to masturbate after puberty and the period of normal human development. If you want my reaction as a normal human male with plenty of my own problems, I just find it weird that someone would “need” to turn himself on like that.

Pray to Saint Joseph, the most chaste spouse of Mary.

and also pray to St. Thomas Aquinas to whom Satan sent many temptations, none of which were successful.

Both of these saints were manly men, so do some internet research on their lives.

Very interesting, both as role models and as patron saints.

True. Hey, OP, I applaud your resolve. Just keep praying, and stick with it! BTW, one of my favorite patrons on issues of purity, is St. Thomas Aquinas. He’s a wonderful intercessor, as he was blessed with the virtue of chastity. God wants to help you out! Don’t forget that.

You should think of the Virgin Mary as a guide to purity. She is the pinnacle of human purity, so she will help you. :slight_smile:

If things get too troublesome to handle, you can always seek help from a medical doctor in the form of Paxil, used for depression. After taking it for a while, all my sexual desire is gone!

My age and gender aren’t in your specifications for answering this question, but when I want to stop something that I find myself becoming addicted to, I get angry with myself for such a lack of self-control. I’m in charge of what I want to do. No one can force me to sin, especially in a situation where I’m the only participant. Just say NO. I realize what an efffort that takes, but it can be done, and is the only way that it will be done. Unless you determine that this action makes you sick, and offends our Lord, and you want no part of it, you are coddling yourself. I don’t want to sound unfeeling, but if you are feeling sorry for yourself, nothing will ,change. When thoughts come to my mind that I don’t want there, I take a deep breath and picture myself putting a swift kick to the devil’s posterior. I literally see him flying off involuntarily. That clears my mind of unwanted thoughts. Try it. Good luck and God bless.

Abba [St] Anthony [the Great] said, ‘I saw the snares of the enemy spreads out over the world and I said groaning, “What can get me through from such snares?” Then I heard a voice saying to me, “Humility.”’

“And so let anyone who wakes in the morning daily to find purity intact rejoice that it did not come about through his own effort nor vigilance. But let us see that it was achieved by the protection of the Lord. And we should understand that as long as his perseverance of body lasts, it will be a gift of the merciful Lord.” - St John Cassian, Conference VII

“If we really desire to enter into this spiritual combat on the same terms as the Apostle, let us concentrate our every effort at dominating this unclean spirit by placing our confidence not in our own forces but on the help of God. Human effort will never be able to win through here. For the soul will be attacked by this vice as long as it does not recognize that it is in a war beyond its powers and that it cannot obtain victory by its own effort unless it is shored up by the help and protection of the Lord.” - St John Cassian, Institutes Book VI

When you masturbate to porn you are “doing drugs” and are in fact releasing feel good chemicals into your brain for a high. See the following article ( illustrating how looking at porn and masturbating is comparable to an addiction to powerful narcotics. Where do the drugs come from? Your own body, in the form of dopamine, adrenaline, oxytocin and vasopressin, ect.

Not only does Sex Addiction seriously damage your physical health (especially the immune system) but it causes grave spiritual damage to oneself and society. On the personal level, Porn can open up a pathway to demonic possession. On the societal level, the habitual practice of any mortal sin is increasing and emboldening the workings of evil in the World. Fulton Sheen once said that one of the primary consequences of sins of the flesh is a corresponding denial of immortality and hatred for the Flesh. Is it any wonder than that our culture is not only one of the most Atheistic but also one of the most violent against both the born and the unborn alike. The Sins of the Flesh are the spiritual fuel that drives our violent culture. Historically, cultures that have worshiped the Flesh have also devoured the Flesh in large quantities, whether on an individual level (suicide) or on a societal level (war, crime, abuse, etc.).

It is also important to remember that the more hardcore a sex addict becomes, the higher their tolerance to hardcore pornography becomes. They continually need to find better and “more pure” forms of sexual excitement. This is why many hardcore porn addicts usually end up looking for child porn or violent porn. They end up building a tolerance to regular porn. Ultimately, they are tempted to act out their fantasies in real life, and this is why many hardcore porn addicts end up real sexual offenders or rapists and why the world is facing an epidemic of sex addiction and sex crime.

There is only one way to stop habitual sin involving grave matter, and that is Cold Turkey.

Regular reception of the Sacraments is essential and finding a good Catholic therapist who may be able to find medication to deal with some of the side effects of the resulting withdrawal and depression is also a plus.

If prayering the rosary once doesn’t help then pray it five times a day. Where a browner green scapular and tie a rosary to your hand.

Place a large rubber band around your wrist, whenever you get the urge to masturbate snap the rubber band really hard. The sting will help you break your train of thought. And if you must, go get psychological counseling as there could be / probably is an underlying reason for the urges. The human body and mind are complex as you know!

If you don’t have any hobbies then I suggest you get one to keep your mind occupied between prayers.

Also, recite this: ‘Satan I rebuke you in the name of Jesus! Demons be bound, evil spirits be bound’ when you get the urge. Let God know that you need His help in understanding why you have a need to do this. Most importantly remember that you are a human being and the reasons why humans do things sometimes are not because of demonic possessions or a sinful nature.

One more thing, DO NOT let anyone intimidate you one way or the other! :wink:

Much Peace!

Mike :slight_smile:

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