Could you say me some subjects of the Apostolic Tradition that have not been still written?


and if they were given directly by Jesus?

or by the Thid Person?
or by the First?

I am talking with my brother, I asked him, Is the Sola Scriptura christian? He said "Well, you have not said me what is subject of Oral Tradition, what can I say to him?


Have a look at this article:

Scripture and Tradition

*Protestants claim the Bible is the only rule of faith, meaning that it contains all of the material one needs for theology and that this material is sufficiently clear that one does not need apostolic tradition or the Church’s magisterium (teaching authority) to help one understand it. In the Protestant view, the whole of Christian truth is found within the Bible’s pages. Anything extraneous to the Bible is simply non-authoritative, unnecessary, or wrong—and may well hinder one in coming to God.
Catholics, on the other hand, recognize that the Bible does not endorse this view and that, in fact, it is repudiated in Scripture. The true “rule of faith”—as expressed in the Bible itself—is Scripture plus apostolic tradition, as manifested in the living teaching authority of the Catholic Church, to which were entrusted the oral teachings of Jesus and the apostles, along with the authority to interpret Scripture correctly.[FONT=Century Gothic]…[/FONT]

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Methodists are not sola scriptura - rather, prima scriptura.


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