Could you share your experience regarding the devotion to our Lady?


I’ve been thinking of asking Mary to intercede for me. I mean, on a regular basis. I’ve done it at times, but I never had a “devotion” as such. I want some of you who have a devotion to Mary to share your experiences. How were you benifited in your spiritual life?


I recently consecrated myself to Mary and have been praying the Rosary at least Monday through Friday. (While not specifically related to Marian devotion, I’ve also been praying the chaplet of Divine Mercy daily and sometimes twice a day.) My DH has started attending Mass with my DD and I (he is not Catholic, though we were married in the Catholic Church and our DD was baptized Catholic). I’ve been praying for his conversion for some time, but only recently started with the regular Rosaries.

I’m so thankful that he seems to be moving toward Jesus and His church, and I’m confident Mary has something to do with it. (I’ve also been asking St. Monica for her intercession.) I guess it could be a coincidence that he is coming around now that I’ve been praying the Rosary regularly, but I prefer to call it a God-incidence. :smiley:

One day recently I was upset because I had to leave my DD to go to work and I prayed, asking Mary to help me. I distinctly had this immediate thought pop into my head: “Don’t worry, I am watching over her.” It wasn’t a voice or anything like that, but those words were immediately there – I believe is was her response to my plea.

What I know for sure is that genuine devotion, not just looking for an answered prayer, is what matters. I have definitely been growing closer to our Lord Jesus the more I pray to Mary.

:crossrc: Thank you Lord, for the gift of yourself and of your mother, who always leads us to you. :crossrc:


The benefits have been unmeasurable since I began my journey of devotion to Mary 31 years ago. I started with the rosary, then realized that Mary was a powerful intercessor and asked her to help me in all kinds of every-day situations. So many things seem to work to the benefit of my immortal soul when I left them up to Mary… a favorite prayer is “Mary take over”. I asked Mary if I should marry a woman… she asked our Lord to give me the sense that I should. I did and we have been married for 27 years. I asked Mary to help me through various trials and to help with so many decisions… and she always has come through. At one point I made a consecration to Mary according to the formula of St. Louis de Montefort. That was a critical point in my life and helped me avoid some serious temptations and get out of some sinful habits. Mary was always there to help me and continues to help me today. Last year, we made the consecration to Mary for our whole family. So many graces have flowed into our children… the oldest is studying for the priesthood and the youngest is talking about a vocation to the priesthood. All of this is thanks to MARY our Mother!


I’ve had a devotion to Mary ever since I was quite small (and a protestant). Through devotion to her and the Rosary I came into her Son’s Church as an adult. Whenever I’m feeling hurt and alone, she “picks me up and holds me, then brings me to her Son.”


a big conversion in my life through the help of praying 10-Hail Mary per day for 1 year.

2 years later, after the Total Consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the manner of St. Louis de Montfort, God is continuing to show me how He sees me. There are much more about me that I don’t know yet, but I am trusting in Mother Mary that with Her intercession, God will reveal more about myself.


I ask Mary for her intercession and motherly guidance, pray the rosary, entrust my children to her, and have a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I was consecrated to her when I was an older girl. However, I’ve always lacked a true person-to-person connection with her. It’s more like she is an amazing historical figure, always somewhat distant.
But what’s important is to press on “like Jesus”, imitating the love and respect he must have had for her as his mother during his years on this earth. There’s a lot more to it but that’s the condensed version.


I don’t believe it! You’re telling me you prayed the Rosary despite being a Protestant?


That is what you were told. It was very clear. I know other converts who said essentially the same things. Mary led them into the Church. One prayed the Rosary outside abortion centers as a Protestant. Of course she became Catholic eventually. What is so incredulous about this?


The Queen of Heaven, God’s holy mother, gives favor to all who seek her help. We can have from her as much as we desire.

She is the surest, fastest, shortest, safest, straightest way to her Son, says DiMonfort.

God gave her the task of comforting miserable sinners like me.

She will never turn away from you or turn you away. You always have immediate access to your mother. There is no waiting in line.

When you call her she comes instantly. If you need to find the grace of repentance she will obtain it for you immediately. She will also protect you in temptation if you ask her.

It is impossible for God to refuse her requests.

Jesus breathed on His apostles and gave them power. Mary is the most powerful creature God has made and He gives her to you as your mother.


One of the best books I’ve ever read on the rosary is Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy and the author is a Methodist minister.

I know Protestants who say the rosary. Not enough - but some do.


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