Couldn't complete Confession


:frowning: I just went to a scheduled confession with my priest. As i talked with him, confessing my sins, I began to feel angrier and more scatter brained. I tried to be more prayerful, I tried to offer my bad attitude to God but I just couldn’t do it. Sins of anger I had repented of before I got there resurfaced. I felt resentful and unforgiving. I didn’t want to feel that way. I felt terrible, but had to tell my priest that I had just wasted his time. Instead of being angry he just looked compasionate and offered me a blessing. I thanked him, and after receiving it got up and left, mortified and near tears. I want to be reconciled to God, but I’m just too upset about everything.


if it’s not too late, go back and talk with the priest. or schedule a meeting with him to discuss what happended and what’s going on in your life.

Good luck and God Bless.


Thank you. I did tell him I would call to reschedule.


First of all, it is not a serious ( mortal sin ) to be angry, even very angry. It depends on the maliciousness of the anger. Do we hate that person, do we really wish them evil, etc. But say it was serious, then you did the right thing.

Say you have been badly treated, really badly, perhaps by someone you trusted or even loved. Have you yourself ever been the one dishing it out, have you ever unjustly treated someone? Perhaps you gave those folks reason to be angry at you? Think about how Our Lord was abandoned by every one he loved him except for his Mother. Oh yes, and by us too. Did he get angry, did he lash out in vengance? No, he responded with love.

Yes, that’s the ticket. When you can pray for that person and mean it, you will be on the road to recovery. Try that for awhile and see if that helps. That doesn’t mean you have to like that person, it doesn’t mean you have to trust them again. It means you have to recogize your own wickedness and not to expect others to be better. We are all wicked to one degree or another. We are not saints yet.



I’m sure your priest has seen a lot worse. Maybe he can suggest a spiritual counsellor who would be able to help you work through this. Once upon a time priests would counsel, but there are so few of them now and they are so overworked. I go to a spiritual counsellor, recommended by a retreat house I attended. She is a trained counsellor, a catholic nun, and has the time I need to work through my religious issues. I’ll say a prayer for you.


If at first you do not succeed try, try, and try again.


Please don’t be shy and be scared, go back and confess again. You know it is not you who was so angry during confession but Satan, he was using you and he doesn’t want you to reconcile with God, because reconciling with God is losing you. So don’t ever ever let Satan triumph over you. Go back, God is waiting for you!!! I will pray for you. God Bless!!!


I am so sorry that you were unable to get through confession - please go back - Jesus is waiting to forgive and to love you even more.

If I may, it sounds like the recalling of sins triggered some deep emotions that led to getting you off track. For next time, how about if you write down your sins and practice saying them out loud (when you are alone of course) and then when in confession just read them aloud again - not editorializing, no thinking, just confessing and then let Father lead you from there - (and then destroy that paper when you leave the confessional).


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