Coulter calls Tiller homicide "termination"

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Maybe she’s her intent is to let people who support abortion hear how they sound.

"I don’t really like to think of it as a murder. It was terminating Tiller in the 203rd trimester."

She is a wicked individual.

I saw her on O’Reily. I think she was being sarcastic…she does have a dry humor.

Coulter is too abrasive, in my opinion.

Whatever Coulter says, as offensive as it may be, is still nowhere near as shrill as the nonsense coming from other people ( *cough * liberals * cough * ).

That sounds like her explanation:

Agreed. Most who don’t read Ann’s articles or read her books don’t understand her sense of humor. :wink:

I saw that interview myself, and this is such typical grabbing-at-straws from the libs. I’ve noticed that in general the people who think Rush Limbaugh or similar people are the devil can’t even tell a joke from a serious statement.

Plus, how is it that AC just making that satirical reference is “wicked” and yet the actual real-life practice of murdering children for convenience and calling it “termination” (you know, the one it’s proponents really ARE serious about!) doesn’t draw half as much outrage from libs? You really know where their priorities lie…

Well, we always know where Ann stands. She is not Politically Correct, tells it like it is, and doesn’t mess around, that’s for sure.

No kiddin’.

And yeah, she has a dry sense of humor. Like my family. I wonder if she’s Polish? :rolleyes:

I do believe there is a message in her wording (termination)-for the other side.

Of course there was a message.
That does not change the fact.
That her words are like poison.
I think of her as the character “worm tongue” in The Lord of the Rings.

Ann Coulter speaks her mind and is very adept at using the language to point out liberal double-speak. I do not think she is evil. On the contrary, I think she is very good, but not in a namby-pamby way. People who want to sugar-coat the truth cannot perceive her wit and insight.

She also said something like, “I am personally opposed to killing abortionists. But I don’t think I have a right to impose my morality on others.” Again, she was being sarcastic.

Instead of name-calling, can you point out a specific thing you objected to and how it makes her “wicked” (sounds like judging to me) or her words “like poison”?

All that she does is make statements that are filled with hate and anger.

She aims to upset and hurt people.

I can only assume she does so for her own personal gain.

Yes, she said that. She also said “If you don’t believe in killing an abortionist, then don’t kill an abortionist.”

I do not doubt that liberals are mad like hell with Ann Coulter. Because she used EXACTLY THEIR TERMINOLOGY, she only substituted “killing an abortionist” instead of “abortion”. She is as abrasive and as un-PC as it gets, but I personally find her sense of humor hilarious. She just has this “take no prisoners” approach to exposing liberal nonsense.


She was being sarcastic…unlike the rest of the media who were calling Dr Baby Killer a saint and a martyr …

She also said there have been 3 abortion doctor murders compared to 60k babies KILLED under Dr Tiller.

I actually liked Coulter’s statement because it clearly illustrated how very ridiculous it is for people to state that they are opposed to abortion themselves, but they feel they cannot impose their beliefs on others.

I have no comment on JC herself but termination = murder, so what is the big deal with this comment? Murder/termination are wrong.

I don’t recall who said this recently - if you don’t believe that embryo in the mother’s womb is a baby, then next time you should say “I’m going to an embryo shower” LOL

that’s the power of words and terminology in obfuscating facts

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