Council may bar Scouts’ request on principle


Can a city refuse to allow the KKK to participate in the Independence Day Celebration? If so, on what grounds?

If the KKK were to challenge the action in court, what are the chances that they would prevail against the city?




My argument is marriage is a religious sacrament/rite and government has no place in it, under the first amendment.



If the judge is a progressive…
The city might win



I am compelled to agree with you… but in practice, that’s not the case. Since government legislates civil marriage, they should apply the law equally. I would fully support a “civil unions for all” type law, but separate but equal, or in this case, separate and less then equal is not acceptable.


On the grounds that the KKK isn’t compatible with the principals celebrated in the parade… isn’t that the argument for not allowing gay groups into the many St Patricks day parades this year?

But I didn’t think this was a denial to participate in the parade… it was a denial of a permit to be a vendor at the parade.


Its also a fact that 2 men can go down to the local UCC and they will perform a ceremony they call marriage. :shrug:

I agree that the city is discriminating… I just think that it’s justified discrimination, and is well within their rights.

So, who gets to decide what is and what isn’t justifiable discrimination?

I’m not comparing the BSA to the KKK in ideology, but I am comparing them insofar as they are both groups that are considered politically divisive.

The Democratic Party is politically divisive. Therefore, they should be denied access, under the premise that it is justifiable discrimination.

Now, of course I disagree with the premise, but there are many who do not. We find them on college campuses, trying to prevent people such as Condi Rice from speaking at commencements. They are the same people who set up “free speech zones”, or force corporate presidents to resign because of a political or ethical or moral principle they espouse. They are the same people who try to punish and persecute scientists who don’t toe the party line on climate change.

The attempts by this city councilman is not justifiable discrimination, it is government censorship and denial of equal access. Its tyranny in action - against adolescent boys.



On what grounds? Because they don’t like the boy scout’s rules? If the rules are legal (and I believe the USSC has ruled that they are), isn’t this a 1st Amendment issue?




But of course they are. " Exclude anybody who believes differently than we do. "

So do you think having been told they were bigoted hate mongers they should’ve still cleaned up after the more “enlightened” who attended the parade?


The Declaration says, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
So, this means that atheists should not be allowed to participate because their views are incompatible with the principals celebrated?

This position as you have presented it is quite dangerous to the basic Constitutional rights of individual Americans.
Voltaire’s quote, I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it. seems to be lost in the current practice of progressives to silence debate, and limit what is compatable with certain “principals”.

But I didn’t think this was a denial to participate in the parade… it was a denial of a permit to be a vendor at the parade

I’m not convinced that this is anything more than a distinction that lacks a difference, in relation to our discussion.



I always enjoy your well thought out and reasoned posts. :slight_smile:

Have a happy 4th!


I though you didn’t like tiresome arguments that have been rebuffed over and over. Funniest post today!

Come on everyone. We should know that the city has the right to give vendor contracts to who they want. This politician was well within his right, if not his right mind. The Scout response was classic, classy and cool. The response from the politician, well let me just say I hope he gets all the publicity he can stomach. He comes off sounding like a spoiled child over the scouts besting him in the end.


A mushroom walks into a bar, and the bartender says " I like the look of this fella; he seems like a fungi."

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That’s not true. Everyone is a member of a protected class. However, not every group one is a member of is a protected class.


Okay. That is the funniest post!


I’m not so sure city’s are allowed to give stamps of approval. All are equal under the law and all that. The tide is turning against the Boy Scouts, and the hole they leave will be filled. As we saw with the garbage company stepping up to give safety vests. Few Capitalist will pass a chance to curry favor and improve their profits. ( like the way I worked that in?)

When foolish pols like the Counsilman, take the opportunity to grand stand around a treasured activity like the Independance day parade. The attraction of the event is diminished for many. You either except his agenda and attend. Or you further politisize it by staying home. I generally choose to stay home. But then you inadvertantly give ground you may never recover. As the hole you leave is filled by others.

Speaking of lost ground, and parades. Guinness won’t go broke, and I miss drinking it. But thats the way this fight goes.



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