Council of Cardinals gives Pope Francis a vote of confidence [CWN]

The Council of Cardinals has released a statement pledging “its full support for the Pope’s work,” in a highly unusual expression of confidence in the Roman Pontiff.


Good for them. We should all support our Holy Father Pope Francis I through our prayers and by attentively listening to his teaching and joyfully carrying it out in our lives.

Blessed Mary, Ever Virgin, pray for Pope Francis, the steward of your Son’s kingdom on Earth. Amen

Actually that is a very disturbing development and may indicate a wider rift
The Council is a group of 18 hand picked Cardinals by Francis himself which you would think would be his closest alliy’s
That The Pope’s loyalist felt it necessary to even make a statement is not a good sign.

“Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves.” Matthew 10:16

Our blessed bishops and Holy Father are not wolves. They are our shepherds, and we are their flock. They protect us from the wolves of the world. We should therefore always trust our leaders in the church with the innocence of a child trusting his or her parents.

Peace be with you.

it may be as simple as the council acknowledging that dissent from some bishops, priests and laity are causing confusion among the vast majority of the faithful and the statement is meant to reassure the faithful that the dissenters are few in number and lacking in faith.

That is reading into the Cardinals’ statement our own sinful desire for quarreling. Just take them at their word and rejoice with them and the entire Church in the blessed ministry of our Holy Father Pope Francis.

That the cardinal see the need to pass a vote of confidence means that they note all is not well.

No, I do not think that the Pope picks allies. I think he picks talent and diversity. The only criteria he says he uses that is somewhat different is that he likes people the work on the front lines.

Gee, I cannot get over how hard you guys are trying to find a dark cloud to a silver lining. Confirmation bias indeed!

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