Council of Europe debates whether Ireland should legalize abortion,

To me the only answer is absolute no abortion. There should be not question of it. More reasons to pray. With the move to more secularism in Ireland, the decline of numbers of priests and priestly vocations, there is an every greater need to turn to prayer.

You just know which way this is going to go. Europe has sold its soul and its soverignty to the EU. Too bad, but enitirely predictable…Roanoker

Not having abortion legal in Ireland simply means the women have to journey up to Northern Ireland, it’s not that far of a trip. I’d be surprised if having it legal in Ireland even increased the abortion rate. Note, I’m not advocating Ireland change its laws, just stating the reality of the situation.

At, a lady from Ireland gives her testimony on abortion. It’s certainly not very difficult to get one.

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