Council of Nicene

Does anyone know of any good books on the Council of Nicene? Thanks and God bless.

This might be what you are looking for:
The Church of the Ancient Councils: Disciplinary Work of the First Four Ecumenical Councils

Donald Leo Davis’ book The First Seven Ecumenical Councils does an overall good job in describing the Council of Nicaea. I recommend reading this book because it gives some good background information before diving into the Council itself.

It always helps to read the original sources, too. The book The Christological Controversy (or, it may be The Trinitarian Controversy) (both St.Vladimir’s Press) provides letters from Arius, Alexander of Alexandria and others involved in the Nicene debate.

Correction to my last post:

The name is Leo Donald Davis, not Donald Leo Davis.

William C. Rusch is the author of The Trinitarian Controversy, and it’s this book that has the original letters from Arius, Eusebius, Alexander, etc.

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