Council of Trent debates

I was wondering if anyone had documents that contain debates at various councils. I really wanted Trent and any/all before as well if possible.


If you buy Bishop Gasser’s official Relatio of Vatican I, you can see the pre-council discussions on what was suggested/incorporated by various bishops and what was rejected.

Fordham University has a great resource for the Councils, including all of their text. Their link for the Council of Trent actually takes you to another university’s website, linked here.

As for debates about the council, that is a little too vague to be helpful. What kind of debate resources are you seeking? Catholic V. Protestant? An historical Jewish perspective?

For something readable, try “Trent: What Happened at the Council” by John W. O’Malley (see here).

For the official record of the council, look up “Council of Trent — Acta genuina” (see here).

ty, debates i was looking for were between Catholics on doctrinal issues.


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