Council on American-Islamic Relations on the San Bernardino massacre: 'We unequivocally condemn this horrific act'

Yes because Islam and the world are black and white :rolleyes:

Nope. The names hadn’t been confirmed publicly, and yet they were confident of who committed the murders. And they were able to track down a relative of the terrorists and get him to the press conference, even before he had been interviewed by police or FBI.

These terrorists were known in their community.

Even his father said he went daily to pray. Why aren’t there reporters camped outside this mosque and interviewing everyone involved to find out how radicalized the mosque is? Why aren’t they attempting to find out who they were hanging out with? Why are reporters and investigators trying to find out who was coming and going from their apartment?

CAIR ??? Hypocritcal I would say…their economic jihad and so on.

It is terrible but their Islamic quest of totalitarian Sharia and subterfuge is now coming to bite them.

As Padres said two days prior (I’m coming in a bit late to this thread) yes we now know that they’re Muslim radicals.

However, looking at your logic I must say that you don’t seem to understand the term “Muslim radicals”.

I was expecting a press conference from the President of the U.S, just as he made a press conference contesting the shooting of a single person accused of a robbery and who was killed in the process of trying to take the arresting police officer’s weapon .

I was shocked to find a member of C.A.I.R group (who has members tied to terrorist organization’s) giving a breaking news conference condemning the San Bernadino terrorist attack killing by a Muslim couple.

This is fanatical Islam ideology at the forefront. It is a good virtue in Islam to deceive the infidels when a Muslim is out numbered by the Infidels.


People muslim is not a religion of peace. Mohamad carried a sword.

I never claim that it is. What I say is that there are good Muslims and bad Muslims.

Islam is the name of the faith. Muslim is the name of one who practices Islam.


so how do we move forward with that attitude?

CAIR is just one lil ol group. Sometimes in life it’s best to press the proverbial Ignore button. :slight_smile:

Listen to it and learn? They’re not entirely wrong. The US has done plenty to fuel the latest rounds of Islamic terror. We all know the US helped create the monster that became the Osama Bin Laden and his ilk we all abhorred with our actions supporting him and those like him in Afghanistan in the 80’s. More recently we’ve helped create Daesh in recent years both with our invasion of Iraq and subsequent instability to the region it ushered in, and with our support of the regimes that are often funneling money and support to Daesh. Every time we stick our noses into the Muslim world we do some good, but collaterally have caused many of our own latter day problems as well.

That’s not to say it’s all our fault as a country, but we aren’t blameless in what is going on either. Sadly the world is populated by all shades of grey.

Good post.

… well, assuming you can now show where someone claimed that we are blameless.

Considering the title of the article was “CAIR Blames America for San Bernardino Massacre
The return of the “grievance” myth.” I’d say the author of the headline and article would think the US is blameless. Particularly in light of the fact CAIR says nothing of the sort in anything they quote.

CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, I would add George Soros front groups…these should be shut down.

And all refugees and migrants need to be vetted because every human being is valued…there is too much gamble that the innocent will die because of PC.

We are not WWII where blacks were segregated in the military, Japanese Americans had everything taken from them and put into concentration camps, along with certain German Americans.

There are many coming in who are not from war torn areas. You have to also acknowledge there are places in Europe in England and Scandinavia where one cannot venture into Muslim neighborhoods.

What are the stats that actually give us the percentage of Muslims in this country who want Sharia Law?

How many are likewise taking into account the totalitarianism of Islam and when the numbers are high enough, we start seeing a change in talk…that is my other concern. Who want to adapt to our way of life and who want Sharia?

That’s the first time I have seen a condemnation by a news conference. That is a good first step now they need to back it up with action in their own communities.

Problem is the moderate Muslims fear for their lives…this is what came out after 9/11. They wanted to speak out publicly, but there are bad people in our own country who would kill them. has a number of Muslim thinkers who are approaching the extreme within Islam.

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