Councilman removes Confederate flags from graves

Mary Norman was shocked Thursday afternoon when Auburn Councilman Arthur L. Dowdell pulled up a Confederate flag placed on her great-grandfather’s grave and snapped it in half, she said.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy placed the flags earlier this week, as they have done for 50 years, in preparation for a celebration Sunday of Confederate Memorial Day, Norman said.

“The bottom line is those grave plots are deeded property,” Ham said. “We sell those. So they are sold to the family of the individuals, and I think (plot owners) have a right to do exactly what they did, according to the city attorney.”

This is totally insane.
My son participates in Civil War reenactments & gets school volunteer/community service credits for it. Come on folks…It’s history.
The KKK used the cross as a symbol of their cause, too.That doesn’t reflect on the Cross.Sorry people can usurp any symbol they choose.
This is destruction of private property on folks’ graves.Where we live that’s a crime.

In’nt that stealing? Just because we don’t like something doesn’t give us the right to take it

i’d say stealing and vandalism.

if this happened overseas, say at an Americian WWII grave and some local offical over there went around removing and breaking flags on our soldiers graves i doubt we’d have sympathy. probably the same if it were a hispanic cemetary wit mexician flags on the graves.

from the article, the councilman in question speaking:

If I had my way, I would have broke them all up and stomped on them and burned them

sounds like he is an angry angry man with no remorse.

I’m waiting for the next installment where charges are filed.:wink:

He should be arrested since there is photographic evidence.

Since he’s a politician he may be willing to take the chance if it gives him publicity & votes.

P.S. For our local Sons/Daughters of the Confederacy Memorial Day wreath laying ceremony, an African-American gentleman dressed as a Confederate soldier gave the speech.He was holding a large Confederate flag in his hands.Right on the front page of the newspaper…

I’ve met him twice. He is an angry man. My first thought when I met him was that he is drunk with power.

The Mayor of the City, didn’t condone what this man did and made a public statement about it.

thanks for the update. i found these words by the mayor most interesting:

I cannot condone the removal of private property from a privately owned grave site…I believe it would be in the best interest of all involved to settle their differences privately.

to me it sounds like he is trying to distance himself from it, but it to scared to do anything about it. which is a very typical political move.

He isn’t really in the position to do anything about it. When I read the press release, my first thought was that the Mayor threw the Council member under the bus. And rightly so.

I hope that the police do something. But for that to happen, the owners of the flags would have to press charges. I don’t know that they will do that.

At this point the Councilman is claiming he is receiving death threats. I don’t know anything about it, but I would be very surprised if those threats came from locals. People in this area are far from perfect, but the people I know just think he is nuts.

Mr. Bay, can I use the term “dumb-***” on this forum? If so, it certainly applies here! Roanoker

Since it is Confederate Flag Day, why is the Battle Flag, rather than the Stars & Bars (official flag of the soi-disant CSA) used?

As a symbol the Battle Flag is far more fraught with negative history than the Stars & Bars or “Bonnie Blue Flag”.

Here’s a hypothetical: plenty of Germans emigrated here after WW2, many of them veterans of the Wehrmacht – if swastika flags were planted on their graves would anyone have a right to object?

if they graves were bought and paid for then they are private property, so no we couldnt object. just because we dont like something, if it isnt harming anyone we dont get to stop it to get some false sense of moral superiority.

What negative history?:confused:

Hypothetical situation ??? OK, I’m offended by an Obama for president sign on private property, do I have a right to tear it down ?

This is how twisted things get when people do not know history or understand it. That’s why BO and the Democrats can repeat it.

The Confederate Battle Flag and the CSA National flag were both flown in Battle for the South, not sure how it got hijacked by the media as something negative. It was designed by a Catholic, General P.G.T. Beauregard. It was designed after the St. Andrews Cross( St. Andrew was Jesus’ first Disciple) it had 13 stars (only 11 States seceded at that time) 12 stars for the tribes of Israel and one star for Our Lord. See site below.

It is unbelievable the totalitarian mindset for some people.:shrug:

This was the third flag of the Confederate States of America:

You should check out the ridiculous editorial by Leonard Pitts in today’s newspapers…:shrug:

Today there was a scheduled council meeting in the city of Auburn. Part of that meeting included a resolution, asking for an apology from Councilman Dowdell.

Basically, the entire council threw him under the bus. :thumbsup:

good. theres no place for biggotry like his in politics.

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