Councils of Carthage


I was looking for more defense of the deuterocanonicals. I was lookingat the councils of Carthage. They show all the deuterocanon except Sirach[ecclesiasticus]. I constantly see this council and Hippo referenced as having the exact same canon as Trent. Where was ecclesiasticus? Was it part of another book?


Its there its just not “there”, here is the coucil of Carthage, here is the list (my stuff in red):

CANON XXIV. (Greek xxvii.)

That nothing be read in church besides the Canonical Scripture.

ITEM, that besides the Canonical Scriptures nothing be read in church under the name of divine Scripture.

But the Canonical Scriptures are as follows:

*]Joshua the Son of Nun
*]The Judges
*]The Kings (4 books) (1&2 Sam + 1&2Kings)
*]The Chronicles (2 books)
*]The Psalter
*]The Five books of Solomon (Proverbs + Song + Ecclesiasties + Wisdom + Sirach)
*]The Twelve Books of the Prophets
*]Ezra (2 books) (Ezra + Nehemiah)
*]Macchabees (2 books)
[/list] The New Testament:
*]The Gospels (4 books)
*]The Acts of the Apostles (1 book)
*]The Epistles of Paul (14)
*]The Epistles of Peter, the Apostle (2)
*]The Epistles of John the Apostle (3)
*]The Epistles of James the Apostle (1)
*]The Epistle of Jude the Apostle (1)
*]The Revelation of John (1 book)
[/list] Let this be sent to our brother and fellow bishop, [Pope] Boniface, and to the other bishops of those parts, that they may confirm this canon, for these are the things which we have received from our fathers to be read in church.


Thankyou Catholic dude.


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