Counseling after annulment living as Bro/Sis


I was wondering how many couples need ot go through counseling after living as brother and sister during the annulment process?

My Dh and I have been living this way for about 21/2 years now and are still waiting for his annulment. I chose this route because being able to receive communion was very important for me. In the process though this has really impacted our relationship in every single area. Im not sure what our relationship will be like in the future. Our communication at times is non existant.

Do couple going through this often need counseling afterwards? We have been married for 15 years and then to change the dynamics completely…is does change things and alot of times it makes them worse while going through this. Im not complaining, I would do it all over again but what happens to couples going through this? Does the church recognize that there are issues that ned to be addressed?


Is he going to counseling to help him through this difficult process? Have you talked to a priest about appropriate affections you can show one another during this process? Do the two of you hug when you greet each other, give each other friendly kisses? Can you hold hands? I have family that I’m affectionate with when we see each other (greet with kisses and hugs, embrace my mom when she’s upset, hold hands with my sister sometimes. We may be a touchy feely family, but to me, these signs of affection are friendly. You and your husband are human and need human touch. Talk to a priest about what is appropriate in your situation and whatwon’t be a temptation. This may help the communication


I have no words of wisdom to offer you, just my prayers and love. May God bless you both, now and in your future.



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