Counseling with Priest


Hi! I would like to make an appointment to have a counseling session with my parish priest about some family issues. So my question is must I pay something to the priest if I go to a session? I would hate to go and not knowing if I should pay or not! If I do need to offer something for his time, how much should it be?


I think, more than likely, your Priest can refer you to a good Catholic family counselor.

I think that I would just call the office and ask.


No, you do not have to bring any payment to have the priest counsel you.

Depending on your issues, you may be directed to some professional counseling or you may have everything settled in one visit with your priest.

Some priests are good counselors and some are not. You will need to discern whether or not your priest is helpful to you.

I hope it all goes well for you.


Your pastor will consider that being available to parishioners who need guidance about family problems to be part of his vocation. Generally speaking, if you need intensive counselling, he would steer you to a professional counselor, but that depends on the priest, the situation of the parishioner, and so on.

Support for the pastoral work of our priests and other Church workers is why there is a precept of the Church that we contribute regularly and substantially to our parish in particular and the Church in general. That is not to say that the parish has to pick up the tab for a full-time Catholic counsellor, just that a certain amount of spiritual guidance is part of why the parish exists.


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