Counseling your children about taking a secular spouse


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I am hoping that my son's dating relationships will lead to a happy marriage but I am worried because he refuses to consider chasity as an important step toward marriage.


WIth all due respect, you don't mention in your post HIS desire to get married. I can help but conclude YOU are hoping your son will marry. To a young man, this feels like mom is being controlling of his life and of course he won't listen. If he has no problems having premarital sex, marriage is on the bottom of his priority list.

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Should I talk to him about this or should I wait...? If so, how should I approach the subject without making sound like a personal attack on this nice young lady?


Anytime someone is told to break up with their girlfriend/boyfriend, it DOES sound like an attack. There is no way to do this nicely.

I am assuming you have told him the church teachings and he is fully aware of them. There is nothing you can do but pray and set boundaries. If he calls upset because he is having more problems with this girl, tell him firmly 'It would be a contradiction for me to help you work out a relationship for which I don't agree with. I am sorry but you will have to find someone else whose shoulder to cry on. If ever you come back to the faith and choose a chaste relationship, I will help you then.'

I know it is hard not to let emotions in the way. At this point however, begging and pleading with him is useless


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