I am Protestant, and am married to a Catholic. My life has had a great deal of turmoil in the past few years. I have studied the Catholic religion, and have great respect for it. Many times, when I have been in emotional turmoil, I have retreated to the local chapel to pray. Is it ever appropriate to ask to speak to a priest/to arrange for counseling, even though I am not Catholic? Is this something they have time for?


Yes it is appropriate.

You could speak to a priest or ask about Catholic Social Services. CSS usually has counseling services available. It is open to anyone regardless of their faith.


Priests are certainly busy nowadays, there’s such a dire shortage of them. Why do you want to speak specifically to a priest? Are you interested in converting?

You might consider calling your local parish secretary and telling that person what your situation is, and see how they would direct you. Although, you may want to attend mass a few times first, and get a feel for who the priests are by listening to their homilies.

I wouldn’t say it’s inappropriate for a non-Catholic to speak to a priest, they’re called by Christ to love all people!

I hope the troubles in your marriage are healed soon. May God bless you and your family.


I hope things go well for you, im sure they will
Ill pray for you.
God Bless


Actually, my marriage isn’t what is causing the turmoil I have been through. My reasoning behind my question is that the church I am currently attending is my husband’s church (Catholic), and because the chapel near my place of work thatI am able to go to is Catholic, I thought I might be able to find someone to talk to. Perhaps it would not necessarily need to be a priest, but some of the things I would like to discuss involve my walk of faith and the Catholic faith.

To give some insight; I have been divorced, as was my husband before we married. I understand the level of “acceptability” I have within the Catholic church. I do not believe I would be turned away, but I certainly recognize that my marriage is not considered valid, and that, in fact, we are both considered to be married to our previous spouses. In any case, it is out of my respect for the knowledge of the priests that I have met that I asked my question.

Thank you to all who have and will respond. I appreciate that you have taken the time to consider my question.


Your ‘level of acceptability’ is really the same as it is for anyone. If your marriage is not valid, you and your spouse may not receive the Sacraments, but that doesn’t mean you are any lesser of a human. Many, many people who seek the Catholic Church for counsel or worship are unable to receive the Sacraments and for one reason or another are unwilling to rectify the situation. You are still just as important to the God as the most saintly Saint!

What will it hurt to seek help? If the priest or other religious there is unable to speak with you due to time constraints, I’m certain they can direct you to someone who can help. My priest is very busy, but always carves out time for anyone regardless of their faith situation.

Pray and ask for help from a human too.

Peace be with you,



Nova, by all means, talk to a priest. I don’t know who these people are who say that priests are too busy or only talk to them if you are thinking of converting. Priests are a wealth of knowledge and (yes) even experienced in many areas. Even if you are not considering Catholicism or are a Protestant, priests are open to talk to anyone. They have dedicated their lives to help others. Take advantage of them. I will pray for you.

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