Counted as one?


I don’t remember if I asked this question or not but how do I truly know that I’m Catholic?

Would it be leaving Protestant teachings and others and following the CC?


In a sense you already are Catholic, because you have accepted that the Catholic Church was established by Christ and contains the fullness of truth. From the moment you believed this, you ceased to be Protestant. So I would say that, though you are not yet officially part of the visible Body of Christ, you are Catholic and will remain so as long as you continue to seek full communion with the Church. And if you don’t truly know right now, you will–as soon as you receive Our Lord for the first time.


Do you accept everything that the Catholic Church teaches about faith and morals? If not, then you are “protesting” against some of her teachings, and you need to work through your objections to Catholic doctrine.

It seem to me though, that many of the issues that Protestant converts have to work through is mostly a matter of realizing that what they thought the Catholic Church teaches isn’t what she really teaches. Protestants are raised with a lot of misconceptions about what the Catholic Church actually teaches.

Heck, a lot of Catholics don’t understand what the Catholic Church teaches either. When a misinformed Catholic is a catechist for RCIA, the convert really has a problem coming to know what the Catholic Church actually teaches. If you are having a problem with what a catechist is telling you, ask the catechist to direct you to the section of the Catechism of the Catholic Church that deals with the issue at hand. If the catechist cannot reconcile his teaching with what is in the catechism, then beware of what the catechist is saying.


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