Counter-protesting the protestors


So, the pope is coming to America, and fortuitously, I live in the D.C. area. However! as everyone on Karl’s e-letter list knows, the anti-Catholics are also coming to town.

Now, I know that we need to be all nice and ecumenical about it, but honestly, I’m still ashamed of my behavior in Denver in '93. The anti-Catholics unfurled huge “The Pope is the Antichrist!” banners at World Youth Day, and I did nary a thing about it. I suppose I could have handed them some of the pamphlets I had, but I might as well have saved some time and just deposited them in the trash.

This time around I’d rather be a little more proactive. Is this wrong? I know that Fred Phelps and his crew will be here–they’ve published their protest plans on their site–and I had an idea. I know that being angry and confrontational is worse than pointless, but how about being humorous? For example, Phelps is famous for preaching his slogan, “God hates fags!” What about holding a banner up that says “God hates Fred Phelps!” near his rally? (I thought about making a sign that says “Fred Phelps is a fag!” but that might be asking for trouble–even from fellow Catholics. Heh.)

The possibilities for fun signs and quirky slogans are endless. Anyone else thinking of fun/sarcastic/ironic counter-protests in DC during the pope’s visit?



But if you say that God hates Fred Phelps, how are you any different than Fred Phelps?

God hates nothing He has made, but He calls us all to repentance.

How about “God Loves Fred Phelps”? That would be a much more effective counter-sign, and is much harder for most people to believe.



Be a positive witness. Don’t be sarcastic, negative, or hateful. Learn from the pro-lifers who stand peacefully even when spit upon.

Hand out information lovingly. Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth is a great booklet. Literature and signs from, Priests for Life, and ALL would all be good to reinforce a pro-life position.

And, remember, not only will non-Catholic groups be there protesting but also dissenting Catholic groups like the “rainbow sash” people-- so perhaps you can get some literature from Courage to hand out to them.


I have a much better sense of humor.


If you want to make signs and banners, make them using short, direct quotes from the Pope. There’s plenty of good material to be found! Show the Pope as the energetic defender of the Christian faith that we know him to be.


Have the police put the Fred Phelps crowd next to the Rainbow Sash protestors.


Now thats funny- I could see them getting into it with each other and forgetting all about the Pope :smiley:


So…not this?:

Explore Chris Jolma


I’m not Catholic, but I do find the God Hates Fred Phelps idea pretty funny.:slight_smile:


Make it up in a Jack Chick-esque style and you’ve got comedy gold!


But the fact that Fred Phelps does not joke about God hating people, while you do, is not necessarily a point in your favor.

It’s not a joking matter. Just think about what it would mean really to be hated by God. If you can bear such a thought for a moment. If you can, then I’m really worried about your soul!



I agree wholeheartedly. Though Pope Benedict isn’t a sound-bite kind of guy!

How about this one: “so great is God’s love for man that by becoming man he follows him even into death.”



If they unfurl their banner: “God hates fags,” stand next to them with yours “…but He loves cigars”


Don’t forget to get your Benedict/Ratzinger fan club hats, pins, t-shirts, etc, before you go:

DH and I both have the Ratzinger t-shirt “The Cafeteria Is Closed”… LUV IT.


Sorry I don’t quite have the guts to wear that here in the deep South.


I lived in the South when we got them.

I love that shirt!


There are some things, like Phred Felpz, that’s it’s beneath our dignity to notice.


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