'Counter Russian propaganda' MEPs tell EU


**BBC - ‘Counter Russian propaganda’ MEPs tell EU

The European Parliament has urged the EU to counter Russian “propaganda” and said sanctions cannot be lifted until Russia stops its “aggressive and expansionist policy” towards Ukraine.

Latvia is considering an EU-backed TV service to target Russian viewers.

The MEPs’ resolution coincided with heavy fighting at Donetsk airport between Ukrainian government troops and pro-Russian separatists.

Ukraine says some 8,500 Russian regular troops are helping the rebels.**

Ukraine will begin a phased army conscription drive on 20 January, with an initial intake of 50,000. More than 100,000 will be drafted into the Ukrainian army this year, under the plan.

More than 4,700 people have been killed since the rebels took control of a big swathe of Donetsk and Luhansk regions in eastern Ukraine last April. Many more civilians have been displaced by the fighting.

Russia denies sending regular troops and heavy weapons there, but admits that Russian “volunteers” are helping the rebels…

**The MEPs’ resolution said Russia’s policy “constitutes a threat to the unity and independence of Ukraine and poses a potential threat to the EU itself, including the illegal annexation of Crimea and waging an undeclared hybrid war against Ukraine”.

They accused Russia of “information war, blending elements of cyber warfare, use of regular and irregular forces, propaganda, economic pressure, energy blackmail, diplomacy and political destabilisation”.**

State-controlled TV dominates the media scene in Russia and accuses the Ukrainian government of waging war on Russian-speaking civilians.

A ceasefire agreed in September has been left in tatters as shelling continues, though there have been some significant prisoner swaps.

**The MEPs urged the European Commission to set clear benchmarks for the existing sanctions which, if achieved by Russia, could trigger a suspension or removal of some of the restrictions.

The Commission should also “prepare and present to Parliament within two months a communication strategy to counter the Russian propaganda campaign”, they said.

They called for “instruments that would allow the EU and its member states to address the propaganda campaign”.**

Latvia is steering EU ministerial meetings until mid-2015. Like its Baltic neighbours Estonia and Lithuania, it wants the EU to maintain pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin. Ethnic Russians form about 40% of Latvia’s population.

Earlier this month the Latvian foreign ministry said it was strongly in favour of launching a quality Russian-language TV channel, through an EU partnership. It would not consist solely of news bulletins, nor would it be “Brussels propaganda”, ministry official Viktors Makarovs said.

Reports say the UK, Estonia, Lithuania and Denmark also support the idea of a new EU communications strategy targeting Russians.

Here, here.

Putin’s New Weapon In The Ukraine Propaganda War: Internet Trolls

Putin has used a troll army throughout his presidency that went largely unnoticed prior to the Crimean invasion. The Kremlin indeed requires an “army” to construct a new universe parallel to the “real universe” in which we live. Google GOOGL -0.36% counts 1.5 million media entries under “Putin attacks Ukraine.” The trolls must convince their audience that the Google entry should read instead “Ukraine attacks Russia.” Quite a job!

According to a Buzzfeed account, each troll is expected to post 50 news articles daily and maintain six Facebook and ten Twitter accounts, with 50 tweets per day. At these rates, a small army of one thousand trolls will post 100,000 news articles and tweets per day. The Kremlin does not spare the cash. In a time of austerity, the budget for “participation in the international information space” is scheduled to rise to some $250 million in the next couple of years.

But remember: In Putin’s parallel universe, there is no troll army. They are a fantasy of Western paranoia. It is, however, a fact that these “non-existent” trolls overwhelm “comments” sections of media to render meaningful dialogue impossible. The Guardian’s editor reported 40,000 comments a day by an “orchestrated pro-Kremlin campaign” of pro-Russia trolling on Ukraine stories. Harassed by the flood, some publications have decided to close their comments sections, as the Moscow Times informed its readers:

“Due to the increasing number of users engaging in personal attacks, spam, trolling and abusive comments, we are no longer able to host our forum as a site for constructive and intelligent debate. It is with regret, therefore, that we have found ourselves forced to suspend the commenting function on our articles.”

I missed this story. Yes, I grew up listening to short-wave radio, Radio Moscow, BBC, Radio Free Europe, every thing. I guess Moscow Times comes from over there but they do seem to be more critical than some of the other Russian sources.

The irony of the EU and US ponfificating is so great that one is inclined to ask them is their definition of the term that it merely refers to the ferrous content of something.

Pontificating ought not to be a dirty word in Catholic circles.

I am glad that the EU has found its voice. Russians need to be informed of what their elected government is doing.

There has already been a lot of anti-Russian propaganda coming out of the Western media. It started when Russia made a law that said homosexuality is not allowed to be taught to a child.

Even so, the message proposed will be coming from Latvia, high quality programming in Russians, directed to the Russian people.

Countries like Ukraine have no same-sex marriage. I don’t think Putin likes that and that Ukraine’s Christian population percentage-wise is much higher than Russia, so Putin decided to attack Ukraine. Some people still call Russia a Communist nation, it certainly is not listed as a free-nation according to Freedom House.

Russia is run by corrupt thugs. I don’t think that Putin has a morality of any kind, but merely wants to take over the Ukraine because his imperialist intentions play well with the Russian masses. It is all about Putin’s greed and lust for power, pride and egoism.

The best that can be hoped for is that the Russian people will develop a conscience if and when they are provided with an alternative way of seeing the situation.

A forgotten fact also worth mentioning is that Donald Tusk, the current President of the European Council and therefore the most powerful figure in the EU, is a conservative Polish Catholic. He was formerly the Prime Minister of Poland (2007-2014) and here is what his political party stood for:


The Civic Platform combines ordoliberal stances on the economy with social conservative stances on social and ethical issues, including opposition to abortion, same-sex marriage, soft drug decriminalisation, euthanasia, fetal stem cell research, removal of crosses and other religious symbols in schools and public places, and partially to wide availability of in vitro fertilisation. The party also wants to criminalise gambling and supports religious education in schools. Other socially conservative stances of the party include voting to ban designer drugs and amending the penal code to introduce mandatory chemical castration of paedophiles. It is somewhat less strident on social issues than Law and Justice, however

He is now EU President as of December 2014.

Russian propaganda, sometimes echoed sadly in Christian circles, relishes in presenting the EU as a uniquely “heathen”-like, godless institution. This is of course as falsely black-and-white as the presentation of Putin as Christian warrior. The EU is a multifaceted institution reflecting broad political, religious and other standpoints.

What the… Where do you come up with these things, are you being sarcastic? Or are you baiting to get a response because the post makes no sense. He attacked Ukraine because its more christian then Russia and because he’s as pro homosexual as Obama? No not all that kind of belief is detached from reality. Putin (from the former communist country) is ironically one of the biggest protectors of the family from degenerate western ideas.

On the other hand if Ukraine does join the European union there will be homosexual parades in Ukraine and eventually marriage, it will happen whether you want it or not. Putin has done more to fight against the homosexual then any western liberal leader who are in bed with them.

You misinterpret Path_Finder.

The point made was that given Putin’s continual tirades against the West as being a wicked bastion of debauched, liberal godlessness: it is very embarrassing and inconvenient for him to have a pro-European, pro-Western but staunchly Christian and socially conservative society on his borders, for that is what Ukraine largely is. In the old Soviet Union Ukraine was known as the “Bible-Belt” of the Soviet lands, the most religious republic within the USSR by a longshot despite Communist attempts at suppression.

Ukraine threatens the very foundations of the “Putin Myth” that the regime is propagating, so as to enlist support from its own population and potential sympathisers abroad.

To counteract this Putin has tried endlessly since 2000 to bring Ukraine back under the Russian umbrella and peel away at its sovereignty. Ukraine is the largest of the former Slavic republics of the USSR after Russia itself and Kiev is the spiritual birthplace of East Slavic, Orthodox identity (ie Kievan Rus). Its subjugation is thus essential to the coherence and survival of the pan-Nationalist, pro-Tradionalist myth that underlies his regime. However the Ukranian people weren’t having it. They told him to get lost twice, with the Orange Revolution in 2004 and the Euromaidan Revolution of 2014.

Putin therefore decided to collectively punish the Ukranian people by annexing Crimea and destabilizing their country to the point that they are incapable of integrating fully with the West as they wish.

Correct, Myth and Counter-Myth. Honestly, if we are to hear Russian propaganda propagated, it can work both ways.

We’ve all seen those pictures of Putin without a shirt, as far as I’m concerned that speaks to narcissism.

We hear outlandish tales on both sides.

And it is true, Ukraine is a more Christian country.

Bulgaria, Romania, these countries have no same-sex marriage as well as other members of the EU.

Freedom-wise, USSR was the land of the gulags, has it changed that much? I’m not sure.

You can’t really be pro european and pro western while at the same time remaining staunchly conservative and Christian. It almost never really works (ask Orban or look at the situation in Poland or Croatia) that way and once they do join and integrate into the Eu Ukraine will have enormous pressure to liberalize their sexual rules and to change the conservative traditional laws. It could be a very similar situation to the ostracizing of the far right though obviously done more slowly. The only reason Ukraine has managed to stay as conservative as you put is because they’ve remained neutral or towards the Russian sphere since their independence.

A portion told him to get lost in 2014 and that portion excludes a lot of easterners and has a lot of foreign interests and subgroups that aren’t necessarily concerned with upholding Ukraine’s traditional Conservatism ( I doubt the pro EU oligarchs like Poroshenko care about any of that, or even pro euro Femen). In fact the Poroshenkos of the world are bound to start the social change once the Russian problem is dealt with.

He took Crimea not really to punish Ukraine but to protect his assets. He’d be an idiot to hand over a region with majority ethnic Russians and naval bases to a Ukrainian coup bent on joining anti Russian groups. In the east you can call it destabilizing but really thats just more proof of how divided that country is and really I doubt the west would miss western Ukraine’s integration when its a big spit in the face of Russia.

I’ve seen pictures of Obama without a shirt, that narcissist.

Its also true that the top players in the Eu like France (debatably Germany), and their capital Belgium are even less christian then Russia

True for now but countries like Croatia, Poland, and Serbia are all making headway towards more pro homosexual laws and culture while that hasn’t happen in any Russian sphere countries.

:thumbsup: Exactly.


This article is pure hypocrisy. It was actually the U.S. that invaded Ukraine.

Protesters were out in force for months before the change in Ukraine and their ex-president stole from the country, was impeached and if we believe Russian propaganda, the EU or CIA set up snipers to fire upon protesters in Ukraine.

Chechen Muslim ‘Death Battalion’ joins Russia’s war in Ukraine**

Read more: dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2868131/Chechens-loyal-Russia-fight-alongside-east-Ukraine-rebels.html#ixzz3PDXsi4Fq

Russian Muslim Battalions have joined in Putin’s aggression to kill Christians in Ukraine, oh sure, sounds like a real friend.

Thousands of small businessmen have been incarcerated in Russia. At the same time, Putin and others at the top are billionaires.


The Russian forces shot down a civilian airliner.

Innocents killed not just in that instance but in plenty of others and the leaders of Russia are not free of criticism.

No way to be fooled about all of this.

Opposition leaders jailed.

Don’t criticize North Korea’s leader and likewise, I think the so-called “support” shown in polls for the leader could be that people are afraid to discuss their views.

There have been all kinds of protests in Russia, from anti-war (oh yeah, Russia isn’t involved) to protests over health care.

Russia doesn’t have same-sex marriage, neither does Iran. I just spoke to an Iranian who thinks the Mullahs are very bad. On top of that, thugs like Occupy Pedophilia show that, you really shouldn’t beat up on people one doesn’t like. Russia has had plenty of cases of foreigners being beat up too.

And then, Russia and USSR are long-time sponsorers of Terrorism as shown in supporting Assad and Hafez Assad before. This definitely helped in creating the mayhem we see.

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