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So I read a post on here that buying counterfeit clothing and such was a sin because it is forging someone else’s design and such. I totally get that and that’s why I really don’t support buying rip-off stuff from street vendors or even online.
However I also thought back to when someone told me that they didn’t think my Converse All Stars were real and I didn’t really think much of it. I got them at a thrift store for dirt cheap and they were comfortable. Well, I came across another pair today and got those as well but later today is when I started to think about what that person said.
I can’t identify which would be a fake because they each have elements of the real ones and elements of supposedly fake ones so I’m super confused. Both pairs are actually different than each other too so it’s not like they both have the same “fake” label.

So am I morally obliged to not wear them since they might be counterfeits? Or is it find because they were at a thrift store and I honestly can’t tell nor did I purposely buy them just because they could be counterfeits?


As you had no intention to sin and no knowledge of sinning then you’re fine.
God bless.


To be honest sometimes you cannot tell a fake one from a real one.
And if they look different could it be perhaps it’s a slightly different style or mabye the manufactures have made changes to the new ones beacuse there was so many counterfeits out there. On the other hand if they are counterfeit you brought them from a thrift store beacuse they were comfortable not beacuse of the label without any thought of wether they were real or not. Or mabye 1 pair is real and the other isn’t.

As you had no intention of sin I do not believe it can be a sin. All you did was buy comfy shoes from.a thrift store I think you’ll be fine :slight_smile:


Depending on where you live, and where you bought… the el cheapo pair might be the real ones. Thrift stores sell things dirt cheap.


@Brendea I mean, I love the look of Converse so I did partly buy them because they were converse but I just assumed they were real… it’s crazy because both have things that could be wrong and things that could be right… definitely confused based on the research I did. I always thought the older pair was different because perhaps it truly was older and had been made from a different design or maybe it was specially designed for a year or something.

@seeksadvice well, I live in a rural area so it’s possible they didn’t know how much they go for but it’s also a thrift store.


Thrift stores don’t know diddly at times. Same for antique stores that sell items outside of their knowledge base.


If they are fake they will probably be of low quality overall. Especially if they are old, they would probably be falling apart by now if they were counterfeit.


Correct. If the shoes are genuine, the aren’t going to have a long life at all, and probably wouldn’t have made it to thrift store. The OP can’t return these shoes anyhow.

Probably the real explanation here is that the shoes are really old- donated after the owner died or something after many years. And they don’t look legit to the untrained eye, because Converse changes their models and trademarks from time to time. They had Converse shoes being made when I was a kid


That’s something I read somewhere else too. That they would be in really bad shape if they weren’t real but they are in pretty good shape. A few cracks in the rubber where the foot bends to walk but otherwise, really good.


Well, I think that the people who own large clothing labels are well cared for in our system. And I think that worrying about what brand of clothing we are wearing while many have nothing to wear is sign that we have much to learn. Myself included of course.

All the best!


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