Counting our blessings


What are you thankful for? I request that you spread the blessings to us through posting here.

I’d like to start a thread to share our gratitude for the many gifts of God in our lives. I believe there are some who call this a “gratitude list,” and I begin it in a spirit of prayer and thanksgiving.

My dear grandmother, whenever I would ask her how she was doing, would always say, “Oh fine, just counting my blessings.” She eventually lost almost all her short-term memory, but in her “dementia” she was the most loving and joyful woman, a real blessing to everyone who cared for her, even as she continued to count her own blessings (the same ones over and over because in about 30 seconds they were all new to her again! :smiley: )

So here are some of the things that I am thankful for at this moment:

  • playing in the dirt with my son
  • my home
  • the hope of daffodils in a few weeks’ time
  • my wonderful students
  • clam chowder soup (how I love lent!)
  • the lenten season
  • being able to play the piano
  • the incredible sunset this evening
  • warm blankets
  • hearing someone call me “mama”
  • being called back to the Church
  • answering the call
  • this computer
  • this community
  • pre-spring breezes
  • my beloved grandma who told me stories of the saints
  • my ex (my son’s father)

For these gifts, and so many others, I thank you, Lord.

Gertie (God knows my real name, and I sure am thankful for this one)


Where to begin?

I am thankful for this great thread!

The Lord smacking me in the head and dragging me back to the Church
The Lord slowly and patiently leading me away from sin into virtue
The comfort of “feeling” His presence
Teaching me how to pray
Teaching me how to think
and how to love
and how to have hope
and courage
and compassion
Watching out for my son while I was knee-deep in sin
Hearing my parents pleas for my soul
The gift of fulfilling work
and a wonderful job in which to express it
Showing his face to me in every living thing (including my kitty!)
Loving me when I didn’t love Him or myself
Keeping me alive when I was trying to die

Ok, I’ll stop now.


This is a wonderful thread. There is a similar thread currently going in Prayer Intentions called the Perpetual Prayer of Praise!

I encourage all our members to continue counting their blessings in the prayers of praise thread.

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