Counting the cost: doors the HHS mandate will close

Something to think about indeed!!
“Which of you, desiring to build a tower,” asks Jesus in Luke 14, “does not first sit
down and count the cost…?” He spoke these words about becoming a disciple. But those in
authority who seek to force God’s people into disobeying their* consciences** would be wise *
*to take *this advice as well.
Let me put what you just heard in perspective. Catholic facilities account for roughly 15 percent
of hospital admissions in the United States and provide $100 billion of care annually. They serve
*poorer clients and offer many of the less profitable but vital services that government-run hospitals *
*often can’t. These include things like breast cancer screenings, geriatric services and *
*trauma treatment—**meaning that one in six seniors and disabled citizens rely ***
on Catholic hospitals.
And I haven’t said a word about religious “schools, publications, organized charity, ministry for
justice and the works of mercy,” which Cardinal George also mentions. Few if any of these will
meet the Department of Health and Human Services’ narrow criteria for exemption.

I think the government knows this, and they are trying to call our bluff thinking that since we know this too that we would put the needs of the people over our devotion to God and cave. But I don’t think they realize how devoted we are. I think the Catholic Hospitals will continue to try to help and heal people and continue to reject paying the fines and reject the HHS mandate.

My hope is that by doing this, the government will see that they can’t close these hospitals, or do anything about it and then give in to the exemptions.

We onced lived in a town where a Catholic doctor and his son had a thriving practice. The doctors would not provide birth control in any form to any of their patients. I always admired that they took this stance for their faith. I keep wondering where we will land in our country. Will the Catholic run organizations follow the same path as these doctors? Will they take a stand and shut down services, I am praying they won’t have to make that choice.

“In fact, as Cardinal Francis George of Chicago promised in a letter to parishioners in his archdiocese, the Catholic Church would shut down its hospitals, schools and charities before it will violate its teaching on life.”

–from the article

It is also having an effect on people choosing to become health care providers.

A friend of ours is qualified as a nurse practitioner. But with the HHS mandate, she is refusing to work as one (and continues to work as a nurse instead) because of the requirement to provide contraceptive prescriptions and provide abortion referrals. Some of this is state law (such as abortion referrals), but the HHS mandate is directly affecting her choice to become more than a nurse.

If the Supreme Court doesn’t let Catholic institutions off the Obama hook, I wonder how many Catholic hospitals will really close their doors.

Some few Catholic hospitals are operated by dioceses. Many or most are run by religious orders. One has to wonder about the latter, which are largely secularized now anyway. After all, Sister Carol Keehan and her Catholic Health Association endorsed Obamacare over the objections of bishops who felt it would allow for abortion funding, which it has, and increasingly will.

*These folks are a real concern for certain! We need to continue to pray, stand tall **for Church teaching and perhaps when push comes to shove those who *
*are un
faithful to the Teaching Magisterium of the Church *will see the error of their ways or at least leave the church. I am hoping for the former!

I’m counting on this being a non-issue
I’m praying we have a President that will revoke this mandate

Though in some ways it would be good to get SCOTUS to rule in our favor, putting this to bed for now and the future.

Francis Cardinal George is a noble man of God.

If Obama is re-elected, the HHS mandate will just be the beginning. Mark my words.

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