Countries failing to protect women online, says report


According to the 2014-15 World Wide Web Index, most of the world’s countries are not doing enough to protect women online.

The report cites revenge porn, cyber stalking, and online sexual harassment as examples of how the Internet can be used to commit gendered violence.

The report, a comprehensive look at the web’s contribution to social, economic and political progress across 86 countries, concludes that in 74% of the nations examined, including many developed nations, “law enforcement agencies and the courts are failing to take appropriate actions” in situations where the web is used to commit acts of gender-based violence.

In too many countries, the Foundation says, there isn’t clear legal protection, either through the application of existing laws or the development of new ones, against gendered violence online. Additionally, neither training nor clear guidelines were provided to the police and judiciary, and the lack of arrest and prosecution of perpetrators implies that strong enforcement is not taking place.

The report can be found here.


“Gendered violence”? Really? Come on.


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