Countries in the most need of God

Where are missionaries most needed these days?

the USA


africa, asia,

Every single one of them.

Spain, Ireland - losing their soul at an astonishing rate

Where Christ has not been preached.

Nope, not losing our soul - the Church is losing us, though. Not the same thing at all.

Christ and the Church are not mutually exclusive entities though.

If the Church loses members then members are starved of the life-giving sacraments.

Lots of people are deprived of the sacraments worldwide but that is not to say they are deprived of Christ. And historically Ireland was deprived of the sacraments for more than a century. Yet, Christ remained with them through their suffering. Just because the Church is increasingly absent in people’s lives does not mean that Christ is.

I agree.

China and India. (The two highest abortion rates).

Saudi Arabia.

we’d all be better served confessing our sins regularly in confession and frequenting the Eucharist on a regular basis. This is what the Irish (& any nation)need above all. The Sacraments of Healing. The Sacraments are the source and summit of the Christian life.

The Church should have thought about that before it facilitated the rape and abuse of our children.

And it hasn’t gone unremarked in Ireland that daily reception of the Eucharist didn’t seem to stop abusive priests or religious.

The Church is Holy. Some of it’s members are wicked but the fact remains the church is One, Holy, Catholic & apostolic.

When it remembers that and starts to behave as Christ commanded, it will know where to find us.

There are still holy priests in Eire. Let’s not tar them all with the same brush. Forgiveness is at the heart of the Gospel.

Didn’t know you could speak Irish: do you call Greece Ἑλλάς, too?

Forgiveness usually is the response to repentance. Don’t see much of that.

All countries, but I feel drawn to share the gospel with Muslims in particular. Muslim countries are in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, and there are also substantial numbers in Western countries as well.

Yes fair point. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan (and let’s not forget Eire)


And Deutchland and Helvetia, too.

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