Country=The Devil's Music?

Since rock seems to be the default genre to bash around here, why don’t we apply the same scrupulous standards to country and see what we come up with? (I have nothing against either genre as a whole, just wanted to see your opinions)

Some country is as morally corrupt as any pop, rap, hiphop, etc.

Fornication, adultery, divorce, drunkenness, murder, robbery, etc are all staples of the genre.

Just as there are sinners and saints in every culture, there are depraved and righteous songs in every genre – although some lend themselves more to a particular moral direction than another.

For instance, although not all metal is evil, metal lends itself better to satanic imagery and influence than, say, polkas.

So why can’t everyone reason like this? Is it because people have preconceived prejudices?

Quite possibly. “Rock is the devil’s music.” “Don’t trust anyone over thirty.” “They’re from the wrong side of the tracks.” “Comics are for kids.” “Science fiction/fantasy isn’t real literature.” “I never watch TV, it’s all garbage.”

People cast a very wide net when they condemn what they do not like. They very rarely make negative moral judgements about stuff they do like.

J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI opposed gambling. But he liked horse racing, therefore deemed it a “wholesome family activity”. :shrug:

Each song – like each poem, painting, sculpture, building, etc – has to be judged on its own merits, not automatically embraced/rejected on the basis of its genre*: that is, in terms of morality of the subject, not aesthetics. If you hate limericks, I very much doubt you’ll ever be pleasantly surprised by some hidden gem of Edward Lear’s. On the other hand, if you believe all limericks are immoral/vulgar, you would be indeed surprised by Mr Lear.

*I believe this doubly applies to people, in terms of their culture/religion/race/sex.


Ooh! Do I get bonus points?

nobody who sings a song to dedicated to their truck is normal, is this poll serious?

hey my truck is more depandable than most people, and more useful too. to quote a country song:

“oh darling what i wouldn’t give for your love…
i wouldn’t give my rusty old pickup truck”

Well I certainly know that hell or purgatory for me would include being forced to listen to country music :eek: , so I voted it’s evil, ban it!!

Well, we’ve had some, uh, unique answers so far! :aok:

K, I’m weird, some country I actually like but not my thing to listen to… Patsy Cline, love her voice and Garth Brooks… Barbara Mandrell yeah! I’d change Country to ‘RAP’… sorry! The original RAP I remember hearing kids do on the bus in the 80’s was pretty cool… what happened to it?


Country does have some great titles, though – you almost don’t need to hear the song. Like Drop-Kick Me, Jesus Through the Goal Posts of Life. Or, another favorite, One Day When You Swing that Skillet May Face Ain’t Gonna Be There.

Btw, my wife loves country.

I adore Johnny Cash. Well, not adore. I don’t pray to him. Umm… If I pray for him is that OK?

Durn, I’m gettin’ all confused. I gotta go now. I gotta fix th’ pickup truck and get ma from the train station. She jest got outta jail today an’ I don’ want her ta have ta walk home in the rain. She’s gonna stay with th’ four kids while I go lookin’ fer Lucille.

First of all, if you take away the “twang,” unlike Rock and Rap, it’s actually music, so that’s a plus right there.

Secondly, country is far more likely to acknowledge God and prayer-and frequently does–than rock. And while it often deals with immoral themes, it’s usually in a critical manner.

Also, as it happens, Fr. Pacwa referred to Garth Brooks in his homily yesterday–not by name or even precise title, but he talked about “Unanswered Prayers”.

It’s funny. My parents hate country. I grew up with the “People who listen to country music are more likely to commit suicide” statistic. My parents are so critical of anything they mildly disagree with, that I grew up fearing to explore anything, even while they would encourage me to “broaden my horizens” (in the case of music, I limited myself to Barry Manilow, Andrew Lloyd Webber, soundtracks and classical).

So, one of the things I picked up from my wife was an interest in country music, and now they make fun of me for it.

The ‘twangiest’ contemporary singer I know is Austraila’s Kasey Chambers: she’s actually taught me to loooove the twang, at least in her case.

Here’s a VERY christian song of hers, you could even call it a prayer, I think. Makes me cry everytime I hear it:

I still cry for Baby Jesus
And I still pray when I’m alone
And when I’m lost
He’ll come to find me
Because he died to save my soul

When I can’t walk he’s there to carry
When I speak he hears my words
When I wake and I have nothing
He sends me gold, frankincense and myrrh

When I cry my tears of sorrow
When my heart will only ache
And if I’m troubled when I’m sleeping
He will hold me until I wake

So, just to bring this back to the actual subject of the thread, not ALL country music belongs to the devil…

I agree with one (or more) of the posters above who stated that country music can have the same moral failings in it that are present in other genres of music, yet it also has a higher percentage of songs in it that praise God and His Creation, as well as a tendency to treat moral failings in a more critical light. Remember that its origins lie in a culture that was critical of most moral failings (adultery, drunkenness, etc.), and these tendencies exist in the music to this day.

I tend to stay away from most “newer” country (late 70’s on - yes, I’m really old school), but I do like the occasional country “song with a message” that I come across; “Riding With Private Malone” comes to mind. I like the “outlaw country” movement better, and those who live on the fringes of it - the artists who make music their way, as opposed to those who rise and fall at the bidding of random large music corporation XYZ. Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Emmylou Harris and Kathy Mattea all come to mind.

Actually, I kinda like rockabilly, which is a cross between early rock and country.

More than a few modern (and not so modern) country songs are just plain immoral, but it’s still my favorite form of popular music, next to big band.

Here’s what I do. I’ve got 7 country stations lined up on me truck radio presets. When one station goes to commercial or plays an objectionable song, I just switch to another station. Out of the seven stations, one of them will be playing something good.


I like some country. I don’t care for the cat in a room full of rocking chairs…twanging country…

I like Keith Urban (woohoo a cutie)…Brooks and Dunn…Rascal Flatts…Alan Jackson…

My favorite music has to be old school rock and roll from 1968-1974…not much good came after that…

Led Zeppelin…Eagles…Aerosmith…The Doors…The Who…Pink Floyd…Bachman Turner Overdrive…Boston…Foghat…AC/DC…Blue Oyster Cult…REO Speedwagon…those were the days of Rock and Roll…:thumbsup:

Try a poll on Classical Music. Remember Sir Thomas Beechum’s famous comment on Bach’s music? “It’s full of counterpoint, and, even worse, it’s Protestant counterpoint.”:rolleyes:

Not to menntion all the faggots to be found in orchestral scores. :smiley:

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