Couple abstained for 19 months for love of Eucharist

TIGARD — Steve and Shaina Purves don’t consider themselves heroic. They say they simply lived out what the church teaches — and it was fantastic.

For 19 months after Shaina entered the Catholic Church, the civilly-wed couple refrained from sexual contact while church authorities looked over their past marriages to see if they could be declared null. According to church law, a declaration of nullity, or annulment, of those past attempted marriages would be necessary before Steve and Shaina could be considered married. Not wanting to risk serious sin, and wanting to receive the Eucharist, the couple lived a life of abstinence while awaiting word.

“God is more important than sex for us,” Shaina says.

That is beautiful. This is the answer to the synod. :slight_smile:

Kudos to both of them.

Is it true that some religions consider marital abstinence for long periods of time to be against one of the purposes of marriage?

Amen Amen It surely is the answer!:thumbsup: God bless both of them!:smiley:

Amazing…may they be abundantly blessed.


Yes, some Protestants would look askance at this. I do not believe that this couple would consider the beliefs of others relevant to their decision.

Not only that, but the couple first wanted to see whether or not they could even be considered *free *to marry.

So Tomdstone, this is not a question of **marital **abstinance, but abstinance of a cohabitating couple who are finding out whether or not they can get married in the first place.

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