Couple choose to wed during regular Sunday anticipated Mass


This is great. Involves the whole community.


How much will it cost to bring all of CAF’s regulars to my wedding? :thinking:


When I lived in Mexico it was very common to see people get married during the regular Sunday mass.


Hmm, plane trip!


I would come!


Road trip!!!


I don’t fly so you will have to video it and post it here for me to see. :slight_smile:


Hubby and I had the convalidation of our marriage during a regular Sunday Mass. Coincidentally it was in the same church where Hubby was baptized! (He is an adult convert; I am a cradle Catholic.)


Cookie table!


Count me in!!


The bride in the article sounds like such a fun, energetic, humble young lady. I pray their marriage is long and blessed!


I’m not one yet.


Not Invited! :no_entry_sign: :wink:


I guess it would be a big financial burden… (trails off)


$500,000 dollar wedding is a little extravagant


Yes! You gotta have that! We can all bring cookies!


If I’d be going I’d bring boudin, cracklins, and some hurricane mix but alas I’m not going. :frowning:


You can make it a road trip!

Cruciferi is in the US, isn’t he?


Sha I couldn’t do a road trip right now even if I wanted to. But I’ll watch the video anytime. :slight_smile:


Road trips make me feel small and meaningless.

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