Couple Dies After Trying to Take Selfies on Cliff Edge in Portugal

A couple die in Portugal after taking selfies at a cliffs edge.


How terrible! They had two young children who both witnessed it, too. :frowning:


Praying for the repose of their souls & for the intentions of their children.


This is terrible.

Looking at the beautiful picture with the article, one wonders why a “selfie” was so important. :frowning:

People, put down the phone and enjoy your family. Prevent more accidents like this.


This is horrible. Yet I must ask, how are people becoming so distracted that they fail to recognize potential dangers when doing this stuff?

I am not trying to be harsh, but we seem to live in a time when a warning is needed for everything these days or folks just don’t get it. Just today I saw reminders posted at a store for people to double check their cars for the kids. Really! Have we become that unfocused and oblivious that this is needed? I find it frightening.

I can only pray for the children of this couple, and also hope that others will learn from this tragedy. For Pete sake put the stupid camera and i-phones down when your near a cliff.


As an amateur photographer, I must say never risk your life for a photo of yourself.

Feel so sorry for the kids. May God help this family.


Yes, how stupid. For the first time ever the other day I texted while stuck in traffic on the freeway. It was so distracting I couldn’t believe it. We have to somehow discipline ourselves with all of this technology. We’re killing ourselves. Imagine those kids dealing with this for the rest of their lives. It’s just so senseless. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry. (I mean no disrespect.)


Whats odd is, if it was anything else causing this many problems, they would respond quickly with laws and regulations, but not so when it comes to cell phones, its almost like they are saying cell phones are too big and too popular for them to be banned outright, even if they are the cause of MANY deaths

…but if it were a drug, or some particular drink, they would act so fast to ban it and get if off stores shelves, it would make our head spin…Look at how fast they reacted to ‘bath salts’ due to all the kids ingesting them LOL, this is a product that actually had a legitimate use, but since it became popular to abuse, law enforcement was able to get new laws passed in regards to them!!! Im sorry, but I find that disturbing. Really disturbing how they seem to ignore the deaths if it is a really popular thing though…

I realize they do have laws about texting and using cell phones while driving, but those are really not enforceable, cops cannot see someone using a cell phone unless they are right next to them, so most kids wont even obey this law, even they know cops cant see them doing it, so of course they are not going to stop on their own.

what is going on with this crazy world today? LOL




But the cell phone isn’t the cause of the deaths. Being stupid is the cause of the deaths.

I mean really, do we need a law that says, “don’t walk backwards toward the edge of a cliff?”

You can’t legislate common sense.



Sometimes I wonder if all the warnings and laws don’t sometimes have the opposite effect that is intended. We start to assume that if there is no warning label or explicit law against an action, then it must be okay to do it.


May they rest in peace.




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