Couple found guilty of 7/7 anniversary London bomb plot


They were caught because they were asking around on twitter where they should bomb… I’m not lying.

Hooray for imbecility?


thank goodness for their stupidity!!!


With £14,000 he obtained from his wife, he purchased 10kg of urea nitrate to construct an explosive device at his parents’ home in Reading and even filmed himself detonating a small charge in his back garden.

*]Where did his wife get £14,000?
*]Did he really spend £14,000 on a 10 kg bag of urea nitrate? Not even the finest laboratory grade urea nitrate should cost that much.
[/LIST]I find this all rather hard to believe.


I probably should have said reagent grade.


Might you not be basing too much on the wording in one particular article?

What would you find more believable?


Did the article state that he spent it all on the nitrate?:confused:


OK people, this is an idiot who happens to be Muslim. The gun owners groups, the pro-life group, etc. all have had them. This is not ISIS or al qaeda. He calls himself the Silent Bomber yet maintains a twitter feed discussing bombing on a sensitive anniversary in Britain and posted a video showing him blowing up a small bomb. He’s have to be a bit silly to think British security would not be looking for people like him.


It did seem to say that, but perhaps it’s as Kaninchen said, it’s just poor wording in the article.

What would I find believable? Well, that he would have gotten a technical grade at the most, and that he would have spent a lot less.

I had some wrong info in here; I think I had prices for urea from China, not urea nitrate. I think they had urea fertilizer at about $300/ton.


Thanks be to God that they were caught.


With a bit of commotion over the details of the story,

They have been given life sentences:

The updated story also shows up at the Guardian:

Couple found guilty of 7/7 anniversary London bomb plot


I am definitely glad that they caught these terrorists before they could do kill anyone.


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