Couple of 62 Years Share Heartbreaking Farewell as They're Forced to Live in Separate Nursing Homes

I would love to hear the people who support government takeover of health care defend this.

I have friends who have been married “only” 53 years who have a similar situation. The wife is in a private Catholic nursing home with Alzheimer’s while her husband still lives independently only 3 miles away, and visits his wife every day. Her husband has a place reserved at the same home if he is unable to live alone.

Before she needed to be in a nursing home “Jane” (not her real name) sang in our choir with me for 30 years. The last couple of years she needed to be driven to Mass and choir practice. She did not learn new music but could sing all the old hymns she already knew. Whoever sat next to her helped her find the right page in her folder, even if that happened to be young person who did not know her. Her prayers were just as valuable as those of any other person in our choir. That continuation of her familiar routine was also beneficial to her.

You will never find a government agency that cares for people as much as family and friends.

That is tragic. You’ll hear no defense from me- I am vehemently opposed to the government taking over our healthcare system in the US. I have both friends and family in Canada, the Canadian system killed my uncle. Not through negligence but deliberately, as they discovered he had lung cancer at age 75 and chose not to tell him as they wouldn’t treat him anyway due to his age. At age 78 someone finally told him. He immediately crossed the border into the US for treatment but at that point it was too late and he died. To me that is unconscionable. I have a friend there who suffers from mental illness. She has no choice of primary care doctor (it’s based on where you live, your doctor is assigned to you) and only her primary care doctor can assign her a psychiatrist. If she doesn’t mesh with the psychiatrist- and she didn’t with the first one because he was Muslim and told her that all her problems were because she was a woman- she has no other option. She’s currently unemployed and while the healthcare is single payer, prescriptions are not, and she cannot afford to pay for her prescriptions and without treatment she can’t work because she suffers from severe anxiety. People there are frequently in incredibly long waiting lists for treatment, and they’ve even had incidents where they’ve had to fly a pregnant woman in labor into another province because they had no room at the hospital. In a major city. Canadians are often appalled that we have to pay for health care, but I’m appalled that they accept sub-standard care, lack of choice in doctors, and lack of choice in treatments.

I know the US healthcare system isn’t perfect, but at least here we have choices of where we go, who we see, and what treatments we get.

This story just adds to my overall disdain for the government having any control over health care, long term care, etc.

Oh my. How terrible. Thanks for sharing the other side of the story.

A family member, usually their granddaughter Ashley Bartyik, drives the nearly one hour commute multiple times a week so that her 81-year-old grandmother Anita can see her 83-year-old grandfather Wolf, who has now been diagnosed with lymphoma in addition to his dementia.

They are blessed to have such a loving granddaughter. God bless her!

Our golden years just don’t seem to turn out that way. Sad story indeed.

Sorry about your Uncle. Here’s a video by a Canadian describing the Canadian system in less than glowing terms. Can’t see why so many in the States want it.

FYI-Care rationing for the elderly is part of Obamacare too.

I understand all too well what you say. I lived in Canada when I had a medical emergency which was made more-so by the delivery system. I spent three weeks in the hospital, one in ICU, in an incident that could have been avoided except for the system. But this is what the ultra left has given us. Government does not belong in most of the areas of our lives in which it has inserted itself. There are better ways.

Reunited: Elderly couple who broke hearts moved to same nursing home
CNN Wire
4 days ago
“They appear overcome with emotion and share a kiss, ecstatic to be back in each other’s arms.”

"Anita is heard saying to Wolfram:

‘Look at me, look at me,’ Anita told her husband Wolf as they were reunited. ‘I love you.’

After 8 months apart ,they are back together In a same nursing home.
Could not help sharing this lovely happy ending!
May God bless them much! They are just beautiful.

Reality is this happens in private homes too. If one spouse enters into a care facility prior to the other, there may not be a bed available when the second spouse needs to enter into care. If there is no bed available in the nursing home the first spouse is in, then they are separated. Not permanently as they can be, and I imagine usually are, placed on a waiting list for a bed. Despite having very limited exposer to aged care I do know of couples in the private system who have had to wait as long for a bed.

The grandfather is in a transitional home waiting for placement. The article is only giving us one side of the story. Nothing in the article suggests the grandfather isn’t on a wait list for that particular nursing home. The problem is the time delay in getting in there and that does happen in private facilities.

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