Couple of questions on the Mass

=Evan;6212133]Quite true. So… is there two miracles or one? If the change takes place at the epiclesis(sp?) there would be one. If at the ‘words of consecration’, two. If at some other time, one?, two? It is required that both species be present or the ‘mass’ is invalid, not just illicit. So it implies one (the bread) cannot be transubstantiated without the other (the wine).

I have no answer and am willing to live with that. :slight_smile:

God bless.

***Both the species of Real wine and unlevened Bread MUST be present for the Consecration to be valid; that is Transubstaniatiated

Kool-aid or pop, or levened bread CANNOT be used with valid results.***

Leavened bread can be used, and is used in most of the Eastern Rites. Leavened bread is illicit in the Western Rites, and the priest sins by using it, but it is still a valid Eucharist.

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