Couple of Slightly Unusual Questions Concerning Copyright and Piracy

Hello everyone. I’ve been trying to stop pirating media lately, since it is considered a form of stealing, and although I feel I’ve been doing fairly well, I have a couple of questions that have me at a bit of a loss.

The first pertains to an anime that I like. The series was never released in English. The original creators also did not create English subtitles. However, a fan group created English subtitles for the series. The series, with the subtitles edited in, is readily available online. However, I do not own a copy of the series, so I have stopped watching it. If I were to buy a copy of the series, then watched it online with the subtitles, would this still be viewed as piracy, or perhaps as some other sin, due to implicitly supporting the behavior of people who put up copyrighted content, without permission, for people to watch?

The second pertains to rare music. There are a couple of artists whose music I like, after having heard it on YouTube. However, as I doubt the people who put the music up had permission to do so, I have stopped listening to it there. I would buy their music, if I could find it for sale somewhere. For a variety of reasons, legal copies of their music are hard to come by (in fact, I believe that the music of one of them is totally out of print, and I suspect the music of the other might be the same.) In this situation, would it be considered permissible to listen to their music, wherever it can be found?

As far as youtube videos it has algorithms that detect and remove copyrighted music from the service. You don’t have to worry about violating copyright with the service for music. Most infringing videos are removed within 72 hours by working with the content creators also using computer detection software.
The video and music copyright holder earns money from the advertisements on youtube so they allow their music to be placed on the service.

I suggest you contact the US Copyright Office:

They’re very nice. I would advise against listening to or reading something that was provided illegally. Copyright simply means ‘right to copy.’ If you do not have the right to copy or listen to old songs then don’t. The person(s) who created that hard to find song own it. There are books I want that are in the $300 to $500 range. Do I go to a pirate site? No. I just don’t buy them, since dealers are charging more than I can afford. The same with subtitled anime.

Permission is the key word. I once asked a native Japanese man to write a letter for me. The response came back in Japanese, which he translated for me. It is possible to do the same thing with an anime series production company: ask for permission.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the replies, both of you.

I will look into contacting the Copyright office about the music. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say in part, because one of the singers passed away a few years back, and I believe that the company that owned the rights to his music no longer exists, nor does the country in which it was located!

As for the anime, I believe I may be able to get into contact with the person who made the subtitles, so with luck, I can just get them from him and buy a copy of the anime.

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