Couple Ordered to Stop Holding Bible Study at Home Without Permit,2933,522637,00.html

Pastor David Jones and his wife Mary have been told that they cannot invite friends to their San Diego, Calif. home for a Bible study — unless they are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to San Diego County.

You think we live in a free society?

I signed a petition on line to voice my displeasure with this action…If anyone wants a link I will be happy to provide one

I don’t think there is much left that free in this country, except our opinions, and I am sure they are figuring out a way to tax those

Why am I not surprised?
California governments are grabbing at every straw to continue their spending habits. Police once appeared at our door and announced that hte party was over because the neighbors didn’t like all those cars parked out front. There were only two family members, three if you count the cat, home at the time. The street was indeed full of cars, but none in connection to us.
We were told we needed a city permit to have more than 10 people, even relatives, in our home at the same time.
If the people in the San Diego home had been studying the Koran, would they have been raided?

I guess that like the Chinese Communists they object to house churches. :rolleyes:

Whatever wisdom California gained from the Prop 8 and the ruling upholding it, this wipes it away.

Coming to a state near you?

As I was reading the article, I thought they must’ve had like 50 people over on a regular basis and the neighbors probably complained about the cars parked all over…

could it really be just a few friends? :eek:

We used to host a home study group with 5 or 6 other couples. I can’t imagine the police coming to the door over 5 cars in the street every week or a couple times a month. As the article said, what about a poker night, or friends watching the game together regularly? I am happy that we aren’t in fear of our lives every time we go to Mass or gather for prayer!

“We were told we needed a city permit to have more than 10 people, even relatives, in our home at the same time.”

Could it be all about the money? A permit to invite friends to your home, imagine that. So if you have a graduation open house, you’ve got to pay for a permit first? If you host a Super Bowl party, or your daughter has a slumber party, you have to get a permit first? Amazing.

But then again, you have to pay for the huge state government somehow, and if you can afford to throw a party for more than 10 peope, then obviously you can afford to give the government some money too. Sounds fair, right? After all, what is more important, some single mom needing welfare help, or your party? You selfish pigs, flaunting your wealth in the face of a starving person! Those Christians have screwed up priorities. It’s a good thing the government has formed a new religion – err law – to teach us proper morality. (That last paragraph was a sarcasm, for anyone who can’t identify it quickly. :D)

that is stupid…

Never mind about the Bible study. It’s their property, they invite whomever they want, however many they want as long as they don’t violate any laws or bother the neighbors. Geez, can a person has some sort of freedom in his own home without the communist I mean gov sticky their nose in??

The right to abortion was based on privacy laws. But apparently privacy laws do not extend to religious gatherings. :frowning:

It is time to take back our country.

This is such garbage. If I hear the term “land of the free” again I’ll throw up.

inch by inch, step by step … until it is too late. Fire your reps next election and let them know why. That includes the local and state reps too.

It seems simple enough but they have the full support of the leftist media that never speaks out for liberty and the majority of people are apathetic.

Not so fast! My sate rep is pro-life. He voted against the most recent abortions rights garbage. I forget what the title was… they seem to just keep coming, one after another. Our Parish asked us to call our state reps to tell them to vote NO and when I did, I was told my state rep would NEVER vote yes because he is completely pro-life. I thank God for him! :thumbsup:

I read this story on a San Diego news website hoping to find something a bit more balanced than Fox, et al. A couple of things struck me. One, the issue of parking and safety – specifically, ensuring access for emergency vehicles. I live in L.A. where parking and zoning are also big issues. We have deadly fires here. A few years ago, wildfires in San Diego County killed a lot of folks, some while they were in their cars on neighborhood streets as they tried to escape the oncoming fire storm – some never made it to their cars. This is a cul de sac – one way out. Perhaps this crossed the mind of the neighbor who complained. It seems like a valid concern.

Parking is a valid concern on it’s own in most California cities and urban area. Many streets are narrow, some have parking restrictions limited to residents who must get parking permits. Zoning becomes an issue because residential are designed to be low traffic and congestion free as much as is allowed. The desire and demand for this will increase with the price of the property. I don’t know what kind of area this is, what price range the houses are in, etc., so I can’t say for sure how big a role this plays. If neighbors are suggesting that these meetings are large enough to require church zoning. We had a similar issue on a very expensive neighborhood in L.A. a few years ago, except it involved meetings of Hasidic Jews (of course, in this case the concerned neighbors were labeled as anti-Semites instead of anti-Christians). But it could be ongoing Tupperware parties that constantly increased congestion and parking. The neighbors could say you were operating a retail business out of your home. I guess they’d be labeled anti-Capitalist.

The point being that there are sometime legitimate concerns about property use, which is why we have zoning laws. Property rights, like civil rights, are limited when they infringe on the rights of others or increase the possibility of public harm (emergency vehicles, etc). Most folks would complain if I decided to set up a strip club or a garbage dump in my house or back yard, yet if you believe in unrestricted use of private property then you’d have no right to complain.

I can appreciate what you are saying about parking concerns and how it could impact emergency services. However, I think that doesn’t apply here by the very fact that the County is permitting the family to continue but pay a fee. Say the couple decided to pay the fee, it wouldn’t change the number of vehicles (in fact it may increase) and the “public harm” that you describe is still there.

No, this is another attempt at denying our 1st Amendment right to Religion.

It kind of sounds like the mess the Church of Iron Oak went through when Christians tried to block there rights under similar laws. [I is a Pagan Linky! /|\](“”) Scroll to the bottom and read up!

Not necisarily. Swan makes a good point. It’s like the permits for burning trash here in S.C. your paying to have a team on stand by incase something goes up. At least that’s how we do it.

This is what happens when Atheism is the official religion of the state.

You might have something there more and more atheist are out to destroy all religion rather than a live and let live situation…

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