Couple Ordered to Stop Holding Bible Study at Home Without Permit

Oh, they’re not out to destroy all religion, they’re out to supplant all religion with their own.

I just heard the couples lawyer on Lou Dobbs. This is not about parking. A county employee showed up at the pastors home on good friday and intergogated the pastors wife asking “Are prayers said here?”, “What kind of paryers?”, “Do you say praise the Lord”. They were issued a citation stating they needed to have a major use permit like the ones mega churches need that costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Parking is the excuse the mafia…I mean government used when there was a community outcry. Now the government of San Diego is going to back off because it is such a blatant violation of rights.

Time for people to wake up about the monster called government that roams our land looking to take your stuff and money by force.

It’s almost as if we’re becoming communist China.:eek:

Comrade, we’re on the road to nowhere…Interstate 0. Heading to Beijing…

What is this all leading to? Better vodka?:shrug:

well as Christian. I would say the mother needing help. But thats just me

That is probably a little ways off. However, we are getting close to some other types of radical Socialism that was prevalent in the first part of the 20th century. :onpatrol:

No, it will be heavily taxed and nobody will drink it because it will exclude them from coverage from Obamacare :slight_smile:

Jesus stated his followers would be persecuted in the end times in a way never before seen. I think this is only the beginning. Things will get much worse.

All you’d have to do is claim you’re an alcoholic and that you are being discriminated against for your medical condition.:cool:

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