Couple seeking to undo their divorce get turned down


CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Should those irreconcilable differences suddenly become reconcilable, don’t go looking to get un-divorced in New Hampshire.
The state’s Supreme Court this month upheld a lower court ruling refusing to vacate a New Castle couple’s 2014 divorce after 24 years of marriage.
Terrie Harmon and her ex-husband, Thomas McCarron, argued on appeal that their divorce decree was erroneous because they mended fences and are a couple once more.–Can’t%20Un-Divorce/id-d51a909c75e144d0ab53be493afddb01


I think there was an episode of the comedy “Frasier” where they made a joke about the sanctity of divorce. It was not very funny then either.

It does say something about what kind of judgment is required for decisions as important as marriage or divorce.


Now they can have the joy of recommitting themselves to each other :slight_smile: That is always nice!


Is the undoing of divorce possible in any state?


If they don’t want to be divorced and can’t get it undone can’t they just marry each other again?



Of course, we shouldn’t jump the gun and presume that this is simply the case of two star-crossed lovers who found themselves back in each other’s arms again. It seems that there might be other reasons they wanted to get back together again…

From the article:

any adverse financial consequences the couple claimed were “self-imposed.”

Attorney Joshua Gordon, appointed to defend the lower court’s ruling, … said it’s his understanding they had several reasons for trying to vacate the decree.

“I think it was partly sentimental, and partly that they had some business interests that a divorce and remarry would be more complicated than undoing the divorce,” Gordon said.

So, what the court is doing is attempting to avoid a Gordian knot that the court would be required to untangle if the divorce order were vacated.


Remarry. It’s gonna be way cheaper than fighting it in court.

I fully understand the courts view, they aren’t going to rule on a ‘whim’. If they saw enough evidence to grant a divorce to begin with they shouldn’t overturn it.


For most people that is likely to be the case. However, they could have some convoluted business interest that would make them better off if the divorce never happened. I am not sure what that would be, but there has to be some reason why it is worth the extra money to file an appeal on a case like this.


Remarry - marry - undo the divorce - whatever.

As though it means anything.

As long as the state acknowledges marriage to mean anything other than to death, it is simply a hollow statement on paper.


You are probably right, but its still not the legal systems reponsibility to correct your mistakes.


I agree with you on that.


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