Couple's 'buy black' experiment becomes a movement


This is wrong and is close to, if not already there, racism. Please, someone convince me that these people are not racist.

If I (white) decided to only do business with white business owners, wouldn’t I be guilty of racism. Then how come it’s different with these people. Acceptable Racism? That is a growing movement.

I think it’s pretty hypocritical.

“Everyones a racist. Except me of course because I’m black!” -The Hata (Hat ah) from Foamy thre Squirrel

Sums it up pretty well I think.

The point of the story was to indicate how hard it was for these people to find what they needed and of course to complain about the lack of black owned corporations.Needless to say you could never get a reporter to do your story if you were buying white only. Most of the companies I buy from cater to all colors.I am half Polish. If I went out to buy Polish only I would probably have trouble finding anything to eat besides sour kraut,keibasa,
pork chops,ham ect.Hey not bad.


i guess this couple is free to do what they want and if they choose to support only black owned businesses, despite the inconvenience, they can do it.

i guess this is their cause and they are trying to make a point.

whether it is a restaurant or a store, i don’t look at the race of the owner. i look at the friendliness of the help, the quality, the cleanliness, etc. of the business. those mean more to me than who owns the business.

i am white, but i did support someone who had opened a new soul food restaurant. his parents owned one in the town i lived in and he branched out and opened his own, so i wanted to support him until his business got going, but the food was good also! he has a very successful restaurant now which is enjoyed by people of all colors.

I thought it was quality and service that won customers? Dear me, all of these years I have been looking for the wrong thing:eek:

I remember a few years back when a university a group created a white only scholarship to show the hypocrisy of scholarships only for ethnic groups … they were suspended from school and the world branded them racists.

I think whether this is right or wrong all depends on how you frame the question. If I’m looking for a lawyer, for example, and there’s someone who is a member of my parish (and perhaps even advertises in the bulletin) would it be wrong for me to choose her rather than someone else? Would it be wrong to give preference to the restaurant or store owned by a parishioner? In that sense it seems like a good thing to support my community.

Are people of the same race part of the same community? By purchasing from someone of the same race are you supporting your community or supporting racism? Does it make a difference if you are in the majority race versus the minority race?

It is a tough question. I, too, will support Catholic business-owners first, but I would never think of giving my buying preference to someone based on race. “My people” are not an ethnic group.

I do support the right of people to make such decisions, but, as others have pointed out, a ‘buy white’ movement wouldn’t exactly go over well. I don’t think majority versus minority has a lot to do with the licitness of the act. Either buying based on skin color is okey-dokey, or there is something wrong with it.

No its not wrong to look to see who might advertise in the bulletin. Or even go to their establishment. What is wrong is refusing to do business with anyone that doesn’t advertise in the bulletin, then making it into a news story.

Are people of the same race part of the same community? By purchasing from someone of the same race are you supporting your community or supporting racism? Does it make a difference if you are in the majority race versus the minority race?

The whole problem is that this has somehow become a news story. :shrug:

There’s a big difference between race and creed. A persons philosophy can make all the difference, after all, look how some people refuse to buy from some because of the way they process their food, or treat their animals before they slaughter them.

Philosophy matters, race doesn’t. Choosing who to buy from, simply based on race is not only racist, being biased against all others and preferential to one, but also un-capitalistic.

People of the same race most certainly are not of the same community! Is a hispanic man in Los Angeles in the same community as another in New York City? No! Communities are made up of neighbors!

(And, just numerically speaking, are whites still the “majority”?)

An argument can be made that if a certain group of people has been the target of oppression then it is acceptable for reparative action to be taken to offset the disadvantage suffered by that group.

The trick is to do so in a measured way that actually does just offset the disadvantage without creating the impression that the only way the special group can compete is with the artificial support.

IMO, this is the danger zone in affirmative action. When it is overdone, it actually reinforces the negative stereotypes against that group of people and adds to the impression that they cannot compete on their own merit, but must be handed the opportunity for token participation.

Overall, this approach seems a LOT smarter to me than “command and control” government type affirmative action. Establishing a grass roots network of people supporting their own will have all the positive effects of affirmative action and few to none of the negative effects. Nice idea.

In the US? Yes.

According to the US Census Bureau, non-Hispanic whites will no longer be a majority around 2042. Of course, if you count Hispanic whites, the majority will last past 2042.

As for the “Buy Black” campaign… these things come and go, so I wouldn’t make too much of it. Its ethnic pride, which is natural, and I think just about all minority groups have (at some point) advocated doing business within their minority as a way of spurring self-development. Heck, some Evangelicals do the same. Or Masons, and similar clubs.

Long ago, a leader in the Black Muslim faith urged members of his race to support and
do business with Black owned businesses.
I didn’t see anything wrong with it, the idea was to keep the money in their own
community, I see it as similar to me hiring my little sister to clean my house at the
same rate that I would pay a regular housekeeper.
If a business gives good service with competitive prices and excellent product the liklihood
is that buyers will flock to it regardless of race.

I don’t know if Whites are the majority or not, however, the cases where a person is
denied an apartment, a job or an upgrade is seldom denied to a White person on the
basis of race.

It’s doubtful that the couple can buy absolutely every item they want from a black owned business. Still, if they want to support black-owned business, nothing wrong with that. In the back of many churches you will find “Christian business directories,” and bulletin ads which state that the owner is a “member of St. X parish.”

I think that we have established well enough that there is nothing wrong with supporting a certain community with your business.

The problem here is that this couple is purposefully boycotting non-black businesses. That is something which I cannot approve of in the least.

well, if they are trying to support black owned businesses and do business exclusively at those businesses, they aren’t really boycotting non-black businesses.

this might get tiresome after awhile trying to find whatever they need and searching for it only in a black owned business. i can’t remember in the article if it said how long they had been doing this, but it would be interesting if it is something they continue with after awhile. especially, if you are in a hurry or tired or sick. are you going to go to the trouble of driving the extra miles it might take to find the black owned business?

like i said, i will give business to whoever is courteous, clean, honest, has good quality
and economic regardless of race.

Evangelical protestants do this too. Check this out:

I wouldn’t say they are “boycotting pagans” so much as trying to support their own. Same thing with these black folks.

More power to 'em.

i have used the sherdsguide and another christian directory in the community i used to live in mainly because as a single woman i have to be careful who i ask come to my house to do work who will not take advantage of me and charge me astronomically for the same job they did around the block. i hope to find a christian who will be professional and ethical and honest in their dealings with everyone. most of the time, it proved to be true.

there also was a jewish directory in my community and i found someone out of there once.
i wasn’t sure if they only had exclusively jewish customers, but he came and did the job.

so i guess it works both ways.

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