Couples devotionals


What is your favorite devotional geared towards a married couple? My husband and I would like to do spiritual reading & prayer time together, and a structured devotional would sure make it easier to start and get into a habit.


I would be interested in responses as well. Currently, my husband and I only pray together at meals or when at Mass. I would like us to grow closer spiritually.


I've looked and looked for couple devotionals. I've never had much luck.

We do read books together, on occasion, taking turns reading out loud.

Because I couldn't find any suitable couple devotionals, though, I just got the group study "Marriage Made for Heaven" (by the Greg & Lisa Popcak) to start with four other couples at church. It's a study that meets monthly for twelve consecutive months. We are planning to start in late September.


My husband and I try to pray evening prayer together, occasionally morning prayer and even more rare night prayer within the Liturgy of the Hours. When we can get into a good routing and sustain at least evening prayer for several days in a row, I notice a tremendous difference in our interactions with each other, with our children, and with others. :smiley:


Not Catholic, but . . .

It got good reviews on Amazon. You can get it used if you don't want to spend too much on something you might not like.

Actually, I'm thinking of getting one now that I've seen it. :thumbsup:


This one is Catholic, but only has 1 review.


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