Courage: Being a missionary, separated from girlfriend


I do not normally do this but I need help. I am about to graduate from Benedictine College and leave to go work for Covenant House. I ask that you all pray for me as start my missionary journey with the homeless youth in this nation.

Also I ask that you pray for and if you have advise about a relationship I have with a special someone from here at school and we will be separated for a year. If you all could pray for the two us to be able to continue our relationship while we are apart. Thank you all.


Prayers on the way. You are going to be doing amazing work as a missionary. We support the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls here in the midwest. This work is vital. May the Holy Spirit help you in your very needed endeavor.

Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Love survives when it is real!


Lord hear our prayer. :gopray:
But not our will, but Thine be done.


Praying :crossrc:


God bless you with your missionary journey.
Pray for each other to be faithful to God and to each other, then let God guide you both.

I and my g/f were apart for 3 years. People thought it would never work. They were wrong - the main key, help each other grow closer to God.


My husband and I dated for a year, and then the next three years we endured a long distance relationship. We were both in school, and very busy, so the time actually flew by for both of us. It’s difficult to not have your sweetheart close enough to see them frequently, but it can be done.

We did this in the days before text messaging and e-mail. We wrote handwritten letters to each other, and put them in the mail. I still have them, most of them anyway. They’re sweet and silly, and kinda goofy. It’s nice now that we’ve been together 14 years to go back and look at how we would just gush at loving each other and missing each other. So much better than e-mail, because your sweetheart actually touched the paper and the envelope, and you see their handwriting which is truly personal. If you can get your girlfriend to go for it, I encourage you to send letters to each other. You’ll be far more likely to hang on to handwritten letters than you ever would an e-mail. Letter writing is becoming a lost art.

Oh, and it’s easier to take a letter to bed with you and fall asleep reading it than it is a PC, even if it’s a laptop. :wink: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

God bless your efforts on your mission. I am praying for you, and for the young people you’re helping. God’s speed to you!


For those struggling to follow Your path,
we pray to the Lord. :gopray:


I am praying for you and will offer your intentions before the Lord at Adoration tomorrow. Peace be with you.


Thank you all for your encouragement.

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