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My wife and I just returned home after seeing the movie, Courageous. We found it very moving and we really enjoyed it. Anybody else see this? Your thought?

Thanks for reminding me about this one! I just googled it for my area and found a theater within an hours drive so my husband and I can go see it this afternoon after Mass and breakfast. We went to see Fireproof made by same producers and got a lot out of it so after seeing the trailer, I know we will enjoy this message and spread the word. Supporting good Christian films is very important. If you have time check out “The Way”. This is a Catholic film by Martin Sheen and son, Emilio Estavez and I saw them on “The World Over” EWTN news show promoting and showing a clip. not in Arkansas yet, but hopefully, will make it here soon, too. If you live up north you may have it in your area already.

I was amazed and thrilled to see that this movie, made by Christians, was #4 last week!

This is a very good thing for the movie industry in the U.S. I think that this sends a very clear message that we want wholesome movies that promote Christian values and faith.

Hollywood produces movies based on profits. If people buy it, they will make it, and that includes porn, violence, propaganda (e.g., Michael Moore’s trash), and silly children’s films with no plot or characters.

Until recently, very few “religious movies” were made because people didn’t buy them. There have been a few bold Christian film companies over the years that raised a few million dollars and put out some decent films (e.g., The Hiding Place). But these companies have been unable to sustain themselves, since Christians as a rule don’t tend to give their tithes and offerings to film companies when there are poor people who need to be fed and countries that need to hear the Gospel.

But #4–woo hoo! :dancing: People are definitely “buying” Christian movies now! And IMO, this means that we will see more of them! Yay!

I hope that we will also see more sympathetic treatments of Christians and Christian themes in movies and television. It seems that so many movies and TV shows depict Christians, especially Catholics and evangelicals, as fanatics and extremists, or as sex perverts, hypocrites, closet sinners, bigots/racists, and murderers. I would love to see this change, and see Christians depicted more realistically in films and TV.

Thank you for your responses. I really would like to keep this thread active. My wife and I were so moved by this movie-I really want to share this with everyone. If you have seen this movie, please tell us about your experince:)

My husband and I saw Fireproof and hated it. It was hard to get past the bad acting and the crazy camera angles to really get anything out of the movie.

We saw that Courageous was made by the same people and planned to stay away. BUT my husband’s job paid for all employees and a guest to attend the movie. And with my husband’s position, we really had to attend.

It wasn’t as bad as Fireproof. The acting was much better. They still need to find a director.

It was also very “mega church.” Very Protestant.

I wouldn’t spend my own money on it.

I agree with Jim–VERY moving, and well worth my entertainment dollar!!:thumbsup:

I saw Sherwood Baptist Church’s movie “Courageous” about 3 weeks ago in a theater. I was deeply moved, and learned a lot about how to live a good Christian life at home and at work.

Please reconsider your position when it comes to supporting Christian entertainment. Whether you realize it or not, truly Christian message needs to gain ground in the theater marketplace, no matter if the message has what you consider Protestsant overtones. Just look at the majority of movies that are being made. They definitely have satanic overtones. I will support any Christian film as long as there is no bashing of the Catholic faith. We need wholesome family entertainment. Our young people are only getting immersed in the evil culture of sex and violence if they want to go to see a movie with very few exceptions. Even some “cartoon” type movies do not have a good wholesome message these days.

In Fireproof, the acting was worse than our local high school can do. The directing?? Well, I don’t know that I have seen anything that bad.

When we went to see Fireproof, we took our hard earned money and used our date night to see it. Although people that don’t have strong marriages might get something from the movie, we wanted to laugh. The story line was ludicrous, the acting terrible and the fact that everything was tied up in a nice neat bow at the end was ridiculous. The movie would have been better served as a Hallmark movie or an after school special.

Both got better with Courageous, although I would never be able to compare it to a professional production.

Yes, we need more Christian movies. But there are Christian movies, with Protestant themes, that are great.

Sorry, but we wasted our money on Fireproof and we only went to see Courageous because someone else paid for it.

Thanks for making your point more clearly. Just out of curiosity, what movies have you paid to go see in 2011? Any good Christian films?

Yes, certainly:

Hugo :thumbsup:
The Mighty Macs - true story about Catholic high school coach
The Muppets
Soul Surfer - true story of Christian surfer
The Way - Emilio Estevez’s Catholic movie (mentioned on EWTN)

Five wonderful pro-family movies that not many people saw. Yes, Sherry, it is important to support quality films when they’re in theaters. Unfortunately, not many people do - only finding out about most pro-family movies once they (the movies) end up on Redbox or Netflix. Roger Ebert’s Best of 2011 does include a Catholic film with a positive portrayal of a Catholic priest - keep an eye out for it if it shows up in your neighborhood:

*6. “Kinyarwanda”
I was moved by “Hotel Rwanda” (2004), but not really shaken this deeply. After seeing “Kinyarwanda,” I have a different kind of feeling about the genocide that took place in Rwanda in 1994. The film approaches it not as a story line but as a series of intense personal moments.

In an independent film of great emotional impact, the film’s director, a Jamaican named Alrick Brown, establishes a vivid group of characters. A young couple from different tribes who are in love. The female head of a military unit trained in Uganda, hoping to bring peace. A Catholic priest. The Mufti of Rwanda. Most memorable, a small boy named Ishmael. Their personal stories are entangled in the ancient conflict between tribes, while the UN regards the genocide from afar. The title may put some people off. It is the name of the language both tribes speak, although the film is largely in English. I’m inviting “Kinyarwanda” to Ebertfest 2012.*
[Ebert’s description, not mine]

And of course the straight to video movie from those wonderful guys at Veggie Tales, The Little Drummer Boy.

The best way to describe the difference between the movies that I seem to enjoy vs. the ones like Courageous. I enjoy “movies with a message, not a message with a movie.”

There’s “Faith like Potatoes” which is a South African, Protestant film with religious/faith overtones in the Born Again tradition. The trailer is here:

It’s probably available on DVD in USA, released by Sony internationally.

In my opinion, their acting is improving. The first the Sherwood Pictures movies I saw was Facing The Giants which I really enjoyed. I didn’t much like Fireproof, but enjoyed Courageous.

I don’t watch much TV and the majority of movies these days seem to have objectionable material - or am I just unlucky? So I had been looking forward to seeing Courageous. I felt it dealt with a problem that is increasing in seriousness - fatherless families. I liked that it showed that sometimes that phrase applies when the father is not physically absent in the home.

What a pity that we don’t have more Catholics like Martin Sheen, who are motivated to make a movie with positive Catholic principles. I think the last good Catholic movie I saw was “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”.

I absolutely loved Courageous. I’m sorry about those that didn’t appreciate it. I came from a home where my dad was hardly a part of my life. We lived together, but he was more like furniture than a person. He just didn’t take an interest in me or my life or interests. The only time we really spoke he was criticizing me or complaining about something. Basically, both of my parents were lazy. They still are. They just have no clue about what it takes to be a parent. And I’m 26. I feel bad because I have a 16 year old brother who is floundering in life. Even my aunt said that it is obvious my brother’s problems are due to neglect. I tried to step up, myself, but my parents wouldn’t have that.

Anyways, it is nice to see films like this, because I don’t see it often in my real life. The more involved I get in my church, the more good families I come across, but in my personal life, change has been slow.

I bought this movie for my little brother. I wanted him to see what a good man does. He is always watching italian mob movies. He watches Good Fellas over and over. I wish he’d want to watch a movie like Courageous and look up to people like that.

My brother didn’t sit down to watch it, but my parents reluctantly did, 2 months after I bought it. I basically nagged them about it until they gave in. At the end of the movie they sat through the credits and they both said it was a good movie. Shortly after that, my dad joined a kick boxing class with my brother. -I’d like to think he got inspired by Courageous to be a more active father. :slight_smile:

I’ve also seen Fireproof. I also, could relate to that movie. I don’t see why the acting is so bad. Maybe because I’m around a lot of immature people, it didn’t seem like bad acting to me, it seemed like the people in my life.
Facing the Giants was uplifting. I’ve only seen it once, whereas Fireproof and Courageous I’ve seen multiple times.
Faith Like Potatoes is nice, but I wouldn’t watch it again, but I could appreciate it. I guess if someone I know wants to watch it, I wouldn’t mind watching it with them. I do like the message.
The Way was nice and uplifting, but I like the Sherwood Films better. I won’t be buying The Way, but it’s always nice to watch catholic films. I get excited when a new one comes out.

Courageous is coming to free TV. April 6 & 7th on the GMC network

We all really loved Courageous. :slight_smile:

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