Court: Boy can wear 'insulting' pro-life shirt / Student momentarily free to sport 'Abortion is not health care' slogan

A Christian middle-school student is momentarily free “to wear his ‘Abortion is not Healthcare’ T-shirt, and other pro-life and/or religious T-shirts,” according to a federal court order.

The boy, identified in the lawsuit as E.B., sued his school district after a principal ordered him to remove a pro-life T-shirt he wore on the day of President Obama’s speech to schoolchildren.

Alliance Defense Fund attorneys filed the complaint in federal court against the West Shore School District in Lewisberry, Pa., Oct. 5 on behalf of E.B.

The boy’s parents, identified as the Boyers, said they were concerned about the president’s speech and the national health-care debate, including reported funding of abortion within proposed legislation.

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Good for E.B. for standing up for women and babies!! Way to go!! :clapping:

While he can.

It may not be too long before speaking out against abortion is rendered illegal.

Anyone else thinking “Where can I get one of those shirts?”

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