Court case and scripture


If I have a court case, Can I rely on just sacred scripture and what the Church said or do I have to rely on legal cases to establish my defense and case?


I would hope you would rely on your lawyer.



I second what the fellow above says. Get yourself a lawyer. While there are times when scripture, other countries, even other the holy books of other faiths have been used in legal proceedings, the majority of a case is settled based on previous court cases and the precedences that they set. Don’t count on using some obscure old testament rule to try and trump the legal system in our country, it probably won’t happen.


Your defence would be based on facts brought to the court through the rules of evidence and any legal issue would rely on either legislative law or legal precedence under Common Law and Equity, depending on the jurisdiction. You rely on the Bible only in swearing an oath on it to tell the truth, if that is your desire.


“Why didn’t God help me?” the elderly woman asked. Peter replied, “He did! He sent two boats and a helicopter!”

In other words, God has given lawyers the ability and knowledge to defend your case. Use the gifts that the lawyer has been endowed with. However, that does not preclude you from using scripture, prayer, and the Eucharist to fortify your soul before your case and to accept whatever decision happens.


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