Court: Chimpanzees are not people


ALBANY, N.Y. — Tommy the chimpanzee is not a person, according to a New York appeals court.

A Florida group’s efforts to free a chimpanzee fell short on Thursday when the Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court in Albany upheld a lower court’s decision that found that such animals aren’t entitled to basic legal rights.

The case centered around Tommy, a 26-year-old chimpanzee kept by his owner in a cage in Gloversville. Attorney Steven Wise, president of the Nonhuman Rights Project, argued that chimpanzees display enough attributes similar to humans to be eligible for protections from unlawful imprisonment.


It is a sad commentary on the state of the U.S. that says we need a court ruling in this case.:frowning:


Well, thank goodness that’s cleared up!


I guess that puts a damper on the next Planet of the Apes sequel.


it’s just a test case. they’ll find a friendly judge sooner or later. eventually, it will bog down the supreme court. someday, animals will have more rights than humans.


Nah… They will just use this ruling as a plot line in new Planet of the Apes movies… “You humans have always discriminated against us apes, even in your so called court of law!”

Then some activist judge will watch the movie and say:

"Wow, we can’t have apes thinking the courts are discriminating against them! All creatures in the universe are entitled to human rights, except unborn, sick, and/or elderly humans who take resources away from the poor. Gee wiz, we better change this travesty! "



Exactly my thought when I saw this thread title.


This is not … APE LAW! :smiley:


If someone incorporates the monkey, does it become a person?


They already do. Re: the “rights” of eagle eggs, endangered species, etc., vs. a child in the womb.


Nope. Things/people/animals/veggies/rocks can’t be incorporated.


:smiley: You’re probably (sadly) not far off the mark there.


What this case is really about is what qualities entitle a creature, including humans, to rights. The great apes are capable of reasoned thought, complex perception, and complex emotions. It is wrong to say that only humans should have rights and I think those qualities entitle them to certain rights recognized by humans.


Should chimps (and other apes) be able to run for human leadership roles? ? ? :eek: :shrug:


While I can understand why some people think chimpanzees should have rights similar to that of people, I think it is stupid to try and say that they are people.


I agree.:thumbsup:


They might be better than some leaders :stuck_out_tongue:


See Heinlein’s short story Jerry Was a Man.


:hmmm: :newidea: Only if it pays it’s taxes promptly every fiscal quarter. :smiley:


Makes you wonder if the term that refers to a group of baboons was coined before or after Congress was created. :smiley:

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