Court: China doesn't own the South China Sea


Court: China doesn’t own the South China Sea

BEIJING – The Philippines won a landslide victory Tuesday in a suit it brought against China over contested waters in the South China Sea.

The international Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Hague ruled that China has “no legal basis” to claim nearly all of the South China Sea as its territory.

Map here:


China will ignore the ruling and nobody can do anything about it. We certainly aren’t going to go to war over it.


I support the Catholic Philippines over the atheist China.


We won’t got to war over it. But we’ll continue to traverse the international waters, as will everyone else. And we’ll continue to explore our interests in the area as will everyone else. China can rattle it’s sabre all it wants, no one cares because we know they won’t do anything because it would lead to war if they did.


I think China will ignore it also. they will thumb their nose at it.


Guns trump court.

Sorry, Philippines.


At some point I believe China will use force to enforce their claims. They have not been building up their armed forces just for parades. It will either be there in the South China Sea or an invasion of Taiwan.


They’ve been building up their armed forces for 70 years and they’ve yet to do either. And they won’t because either would lead to a war with the US which they don’t want any more than we do.


Pray for a targeted typhoon that will wipe out all that dredged sand and wash it away.


That’s right, it takes time. Only now is their Navy getting a deep water, worldwide capability. But I disagree, like Japan of yesteryear at some point war will be their preferred option and they will take the risk of losing some of their economic power. They want us out of the Asia/Pacific region and our military is rapidly approaching 2nd class status due to the many years of war which we have been involved in. Obama has cut our forces terribly while the world gets more dangerous. The days of our 600 ship Navy are long gone.


The amount of hyperbole in that statement is staggering. I mean our military spending outstrips the next 10 highest national defense budgets in the world combined, and most of the other spenders are our allies. Our Navy alone dwarfs almost every other country’s entire military. And it’s continuing to be replenished with new ships coming out annually and several new classes in the works.


No, not really.

Our military spending is high because we pay our troops a living wage.

We CARRY the other countries “our allies”] because they don’t spend anywhere near enough. AND some of them only work 9-5, M-F.

We do NOT get replenished all the time. That’s one of the problems.


My take:

Con: China doesn’t give a [expletive] about international courts’ decisions, since one of their main plot points in their propaganda is “everybody hates China” and they can just use it to their advantage.

Pro: The Philippines now have legal precedent to go into the South China Sea and if they make the first move after this, then China will have people mad at them instead of the other way around and they’ll be stuck.


Correction: sequestration cut our military spending. Obama did not want sequestration. Blame the House GOP.






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