Court Docs: Suspected Serial Killer "Used Sex Change to Control Violence"



She went on to say, “I’m not going to admit I killed anybody, I didn’t. Donna has killed nobody.” Detective Burbridge replied, “Doug did.” And Perry said, “I don’t know if Doug did or not, it was 20 years ago and I have no idea whether he did or did not.”

That is about the most novel defense I’ve ever heard.

Do you think that it is legit?

If the defense succeeds through the appeal process, what do you think the implications will be?


Not even remotely, it is absolute hogwash, and the person should have an extra length tacked onto his sentence for even trying it…

I cannot freaking believe our society…



Philosophically - “Doug” has only changed accidental properties (his appearance) and is still essentially the same person, just like a boy turning into man is still the same person. He has neither really changed his sex, nor (even if such a change was possible) did he change the continuity of his personhood. IOW, “Doug” and “Donna” are the same person. Therefore, whoever “Doug” murdered “Donna” murdered.

Scientifically - Each person has a unique sequence of DNA. No two people (not even identical twins) have identical DNA. Both “Doug” and “Donna” have identical DNA, thus they both are the same person. Therefore, whoever “Doug” murdered “Donna” murdered.

Common Sense - Are you kidding me? Of course a surgery doesn’t make you into a different person! Therefore, whoever “Doug” murdered “Donna” murdered.


I don’t even


If this works, then I see no reason for why the “I now believe myself to be a canary” defense shouldn’t also work.

After all, canaries are generally believed to be harmless creatures. So anyone believing themselves to be a canary must also have nullified their former tendency to harm other creatures. Thus, their past existence should not be held against them finding a new life. Just thinking themselves to be a cheerful songbird should be sufficient to prove they are no longer the murderer they once were and, therefore, they ought not be held responsible for what they once did.

Clearly, a strong case can be made. Tweet. Tweet.


Of course, the real question isn’t so much whether or not this defense makes any sense (it clearly doesn’t) but what the homosexualist movement will do with it (if anything). Will they take “Doug / Donna” up as a martyr for their cause? And if, so what effect will that have on the case?


I think he’s got a good shot at mental incompetance, because you’d have to be seriously wacked to try a defense like that.


Not unless there was a brain transplant somewhere in there.

The willingness to put up such a frivolous defense suggests to me maybe it was removed at some point and not replaced. :rolleyes:




It will prevent the death penalty, but it will land him in the mental hospital. Which in my opinion is worse than prison.


I think (someone please correct me if I am wrong) that transgender persons generally do not see sex change surgery as making themselves into a new person. The process of changing sex simply allows them to live more fully as they already are. To claim that the process wipes away past memories is just plain silly.

As for novel defense, I would say it ranks up there with the “Twinkie Defense.” In that trial, the defendant explained that his steady diet of junk food left him mentally unbalanced, leading to poor impulse control, which is why he murdered two associates.


Yes, that is absolutely correct. This story is beyond ridiculous.


This isn’t a gay thing, this is a crazy person.

You are correct, they transition to correct the body mind disjunction and so others will treat them as they are on the inside.


Oh he should go to prison, and with the male population as is his actual gender. This is just ludicrous as a defense.


I think they do put transgenders in with their DNA gender and I hear they are often targeted for sexual assaults, obviously (which sort of off topic proves a point that prison rape isnt about dominance, but just an outlet for horny men choosing to engage in homosexual behavior. So yes, you can choose gay or straight activity, contrary to popular propagandistic belief).


Quite a bit of rape in prisons is about dominance and there is also a ton that is just about sex and of course for straight men the one that looks like a woman is naturally a much more appealing target.

I’d like to point out that this person has had SRS so it is extremely likely Perry goes to a women’s facility.


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