Court hears challenge to Ontario Catholic school funding

Judge David Corbett, questioning the government lawyers, noted that section of the constitution was put in place at the time of Confederation to protect the rights of the Catholic minority, when the Protestant majority had the benefit of a Protestant school system . . .

The **Canadian Civil Liberties Association **is intervening in the challenge and is supporting Landau.

Landau is asking the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to order that the government stop funding Catholic high schools and only fund Catholic elementary schools to the extent they were funded in 1867 at the time of Confederation.

So, now that the public schools in Canada have been secularized and no longer officially Protestant, that means the secularized public school system in Canada is a good place for Catholics to attend school? :confused:

They are probably worse schools than the original Protestantized public schools or about the same since they now teach Atheistic Secular Humanism.

I would say worse.

The first thing to mention is this case will fail because it’s a Constitutional matter. But what makes you think public schools aren’t so great? It depends on teachers students, and the educational environment. There are brilliant public schools (I went to one) and brilliant Catholic schools. I graduated only a few years ago and we were never taught secular humanism. Religious bigotry was prohibited. We were taught math, science, and Shakespeare, in accordance with the curriculum

Conservative think tank Fraser Institute’s secondary schools rankings, which lists Catholic and public schools

Isn’t this a good thing? If the Catholic Schools are defunded by the government, the schools can go back to being real Catholic Schools rather than Public Secular Schools with a saint’s name.

Exactly, then not being able to teaching abortion is wrong and gay straight alliance clubs are a thing of the past

Catholic schools can’t just be defunded. It requires a constitutional convention. And the end result if that did happen would be either the Catholic schools are amalgamated by the public school boards and become regular public schools, or they’re shut down, which is the least likely scenario. Ontario parents aren’t going to be paying thousands of dollars for fourteen years to send their kids to Catholic school, especially when a lot of them don’t practice their faith.

Not to mention the fact that they have never had to pay for Catholic elementary education and for a few decades not for secondary education.

It’s not the quality of education as measured by various factors (e.g., high standardized test scores, number of Advanced Placement courses, the size of school libraries and number of computers), but the absence of any mention of God or Christian religion from the public school classroom that differentiates the two educational systems.

The Catholic educational system would, ideally speaking, use Faith and Reason to search for Truth and help solve mankind’s problems; the public school system would use Reason alone and man as the measure of all things.

The fact that the idea of God and the ideas from religion are absent from secular public schools means that they are institutions that teach a form of Secular Humanism; perhaps not the strident and brash form of Secular Humanism encountered at public universities, but de facto Secular Humanism nonetheless.

The goal of this court case is to end free Catholic education in Canada and send as many Catholic Canadians through the secular public school system in Canada as possible and inculcate them with the principles of Secular Humanism.

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