Court Orders Approval of Ariz. ‘Choose Life' License Plates

Arizona, November 20, 2008 ( — A federal court on Wednesday ordered the Arizona License Plate Commission to approve a specialty license plate featuring the words “Choose Life.” Attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund and the Center for Arizona Policy represented…

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Why would “Choose Life” be offensive to anyone:confused:

I hope they don’t ban prochoice license plates. The government should not be in the business of telling me what I can or cannot advertise on my car.

This is what the license plate looks like:

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It doesn’t appear to be offensive, to me at least.

Yes, they should also approve pro-choice plates. And the picture on the plate should adequately reflect the image of a child who has been terminated because of pro-choice views, just like the picture on the Choose Life adequately reflects happy, born children…I mean we do want to be fair and all.


Because the pro-death (i.e. pro-“choice”) genocide crowd does not like dissent from their agenda.

Doesn’t have to be that way. I simply made the statement that the government should not be in the business of endorsing one position over another. It should stay out of these things. If private organizations want to make their license plates for a cause-fine. Neither side should be forbidden. Are we ready to have the government tell us what we can or can’t have on our car? I’m not.

I don’t think there’s any question of them not allowing pro-choice plates. The “political correct” side is apparently pro-choice, as horrible as that is. The reason this story is noteworthy is that everywhere else they are trying to prevent pro-life people from using their freedom of speech.

(for example, its hard to place pro-life ads, and there are new laws against praying for pro-life causes near abortion clinics.)

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