Court rules against Catholic firefighters ordered to drive in gay pride parade [CC]


The Rhode Island Supreme Court has ruled that the constitutional rights of two Catholic firefighters were not violated when they were ordered to drive a fire truck in a gay pride …



This does not surprise me at all as the courts are becoming cesspools of absurd liberal decisions based on nothing but personal belief.God help us as we move toward the revelation of antichrist and the beast which is lurking in a corrupt system geared to destroying all religion.


Religious liberty, presumably protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution, takes yet another hit and is further weakened.

And how is driving a fire truck in a gay pride parade a “legitimate work assignment?”


If they work for the city they must do what is required for their job. if they feel they absolutely cannot do this due to their religious convictions they will have to request that day off or call in sick and deal with the consequences unless they can show the city’s use of the firetruck in the parade is a violation of a law or ordinance.


I agree with that, and would utterly reject those who use religious beliefs to justify a civil registrar trying to deny same sex couples in her area the right to marry while she is on duty, for example, but this is hardly comparable. This is not required for their main job. It is PR.

Driving in a Pride parade is neither a normal part of firefighting nor something that occurs so often that it would be overly burdensome to find willing volunteers to do it. I don’t think they deserve compensation for having had to drive a truck surrounded by homosexuals, but it is perfectly reasonable to ask for someone in authority to call the fire department to task and suggest that this not happen again.:shrug:


I wonder how the Rhode Island supreme court would rule if muslim firefighters were being forced to drive a fire truck in a Chirstmas parade?


They should have sued under sexual harassment. The firefighters reported that they were subject to obscene comments and heckling during the parade. An employer is strictly liable for sexual harassment that is perpetrated against its employees, even by people outside of the organization, if it did nothing to stop the harassment or to protect the employees.


Ya know, after reading the actual court documents and the article, I get the feeling that if these men were Muslim, it would’ve gone an whole nuther way. In fact, I think if they were Muslims and were employed as Firefighters for the City of Providence, they would’ve been asked in if they wanted to participate and if no, would’ve been given some other assignment for the day. Forcing any employee to participate in any Gay Pride activities is against the Constitution. Parades are optional, not a job requirement and the City’s choice to have themselves represented in this Gay Pride Parade speaks volumes about that City’s support of the LGBT community. It say, “we support gay and their community as a City.” And that is exactly what it said and still does. Sodom, RI has spoken. Let all others beware!



Hello Patti.

Hey, they could be equal opportunity idiots: force the Muslims employees of the City to participate in any and all City sponsored Holiday activities and then force the Christian City employees to participate in the Ramadan activities so the City can be seen as broadminded and open to all cultures regardless of the religious rights of all concerned. Increasingly seen in these battles is the almost non-existent right to religious liberty. It simply doesn’t even enter into the arguments because they act as if it never existed. Poof! Gone! Never to mentioned again. By simply not allowing it to be entered into the debate, it becomes a non-issue. That way they can pretend that isn’t what it is all about. Equal rights warped to mean no rights for some in some circumstances.

I once heard that when these types of folks get through with their re-envisoning of American society, the only religious rights we will have left it the right to practice what we believe behind our own doors and the instant we leave the sanctuary of our homes, we will be expected to leave our religion and practice of it openly behind. To them religion is best left at home or in church. The the public domain is no longer a public domain.



I agree, parades are optional and IMHO firetrucks should not be used at all for anything other than their purpose, fighting fires, after all its tax monies that are used for salaries, maintenance and fuel for those vehicle. But if the trucks are used in other parades, they have to be made available for all parades. As far as if it were a Muslim firefighter having to drive in a Christmas parade??? Who know for sure until it comes up.


Your a fire fighter. Fire trucks have always been in parades. If city wants to celebrate gays, then guess what- you are celebrating gays. Deal with it.

Seriously, no one is making you be a firefighter.


Nobody said that anyone is forcing people to be firefighters.

But evidently firefighters have to be forced to participate in gay parades. Even the Catholic loophole has been shut tight.


What if YOU were forced to drive in a pro-abortion parade? :rolleyes:


Yeah the ruling is a load horse rot. The two individuals religious rights were violated by them being required to take part in the parade. They would not have been violated had they been ordered to do some “manure” detail so two other firefighters could take part in the parade.

And yes, I’d say the same thing if it were two “I hate religion” firefighters and some sort of religious based parade. Putting on a uniform does not magically turn you into a piece of government owned non-thinking property.


seriously??? You must be joking.


We Christians get this disregard for our beliefs because we do not take a stance of absolute refusal.

We would rather compromise and get along so we can keep our jobs.

The firefighters should have driven their trucks to the parade and then bent the keys in the ignition and broken them off so that the trucks couldn’t move and said, ‘That is what you get if you force us to violate our beliefs.’ Most other religious populations would react in a similar way, but here among Western Christians, well we gotta have our cake and eat it to.

We want to have our religion but at no personal cost, and everyone realizes what a fraud that is and hold nothing but contempt for us for it.


i dont think destruction of property would be in anyone’s best interest or very Christian for that matter.


You would think so, but that position has the ruling of the court to back it up.
It is a part of a trend of similar laws too. There is precedence.


I don’t agree that PR is not part of the job of firefighters. They frequently interact with the public on the job, and their success in getting help or information when needed on-scene and tips and alarms before responding depends on the public believing the department is working for them and on their side. Outside of active firefighting, the ability of the department to get tax issues approved, or fire code changes approved by the city, or preventive measures like home smoke detectors widely installed depends on the public having a positive view of the department and firefighters requesting these things.


What makes you think the post was a joke? Fire trucks have always been used in parades and they cannot very well turn them over to be driven by anyone.

It is a shame that the department they work for did not accommodate their objection. Sometimes we have to act according to our conscience though and accept the consequences. They could have always simply not driven and accepted the punishment for that decision.

I would say for me it would depend on the purpose of the truck. If it was for show, I wouldn’t do it. If it was used to clear the street, I would.

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